Saturday afternoon, in the groove.

I consider myself very fortunate to have seen Ritenour play at a jazz festival here in Johannesburg some years back.

A true master craftsman.




11 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon, in the groove.

    1. You love Jazz, but you don’t like Ritenour?
      Then you probably aren’t a fan of Wes Montgomery, or Benson.
      What’s your poison, Miss Nan?
      Miles, Oscar Peterson, Sarah Vaughn, Ellington, Sinatra? Charlie Parker?


      1. I guess I would have to say that my tastes lean more towards “smooth” jazz. … primarily instrumental, but I do like Norah Jones.

        Some artists I like: George Shearing. Paul Hardcastle, Fourplay, Acoustic Alchemy, David Benoit, Susan Ciani, Boney James …

        Probably some of these artists “date me” but nevertheless, it’s what I like.


        1. I like some of Hardcastle and Fourplay as well. You now that Ritenour played with Fourplay for a while, yes?

          Not familiar the other artists.


          1. Oh yes … I like this! I think what the difference is I like the “foot-tapping” jazz rather than the solo stuff. Also, I actually liked Ritenour on this one. To me, he showed a wider range of his musical talent. (I don’t care for his facial gyrations however.)

            Interestingly (at least to me), this bit of dialogue has prompted me to play some of my favorites tracks in the background. Haven’t done that for a very long time.

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          2. How we see things differently.
            I love Ritenour’s ”facial gyrations”. He always seems to love what he’s doing and shows it.
            His style is effortless, a sign of a true master musician.


          3. As you say … we see things differently. I see a guy “performing” for the audience. In any event, I’m loving my background music. I may just have to get back to doing this on a more regular basis.

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