It fluttered by …..again

Pinacopteryx eriphia, Zebra White.

Colotis evenina – female – Common orange tip,

Photographed today.

And speaking of the Orange Tip …

The previous butterfly post I featured this shot.

Which I thought was a Common Orange Tip.

However, this is what Mark Williams, one of the people in the know over at the SA butterfly site on Facebook had to say:

Mark Williams This is Teracolus agoye bowkeri, last seen in the 1966 migration. Brilliant observation!

Who knew?

Very few it seems as not only are there hardly any photos on Google, this species is apparently on the Red List. (Threatened Species)

Do I get a Crackerjack Pencil?


5 thoughts on “It fluttered by …..again

    1. Thank you , Pete.
      The annual dispersal of the Brown Veined White has been quite spectacular this year.
      Numbering in the billions, and the biggest since 1966
      You would have loved it here over this past week.

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