When size does count!

I planted a  load of seeds this year, including butternut.

I was checking up on the growth of some tomatoes just after lunch when I came across this. It was obscured by several large leaves, and when I moved them aside I was  astounded at what I’d found.

I can say with hand on heart that I have never seen one of these squash as large as this in all the years we have been eating them.


The average butternut from the supermarket usually weighs in at around 1 – 1.5 kilos.

It must be something in the soil, but goodness’ knows what!

A nod to Miss Tish, whose numerous charming and instructive tales from her allotment were a definite motivating factor in kick starting my own little veggie patch.

Nothing like homegrown!



30 thoughts on “When size does count!

  1. all this vegetable talk makes me want to rush out into the Northern New England Arctic winter and plant something, right now. That’s a very impressive squash there, are you sure it won’t be all gone inside? I tend to be admiring of large vegetables but a bit cynical about the innnards until I cut into them.

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    1. Being a Northern New Englander myself, I can relate. My wife and I have big plans for a garden come springtime. Unfortunately, we aren’t even close to that time yet. 😦

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  2. Now THAT is a Texas-size Butternut Squash Ark; hands down, no doubt the State Fair Grand Prize Veggie Winner!!! That’s more than enough for a delicious squash casserole! GET COOKIN’ mate!!! I’m hungry and will arrive with bells on for exceptional dining (and jovial footballing dialogue) at 5pm sharp! I’ll bring the bottles of wine. 😁

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      1. That must be some mega-jacked fertilizer and/or manure-compost (packed with high-voltage nitrogen and high-grade methane) you sprinkle/dump around in that soil! Should I ask where you get/collect your “fertilizer” and its ingredients? 🤭


        1. Actually not.
          Our soil is standard dirt, and a bit on the clay side. I’m trying to improve it with chicken poop and waste from the pond.
          I suspect I am going to have to get down on my knees and pray if I really want much improvement.
          Can you think of a suitable dirty god I should address?

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          1. CAN I!!!!???? So thrilled you asked Ark! I have Pantheons and Temples FULL of the most dirtiest, most fertile (horniest), and life-changing Gods, Goddesses, and maniacal Villains one could ever dream of!!! Can I show you? Several of them have been waiting on you! Or should I say… waiting on your return? 😈


          2. ✊ Damn it, (shaking his fist at Ark) my dastardly, corrupting ploy to bring you over to my Dark Garden of Charms & Snakes is foiled! How did you know I had family-oriented Granny-rated pics waiting!? 🤨😄


          3. Shekel is always good for a quick pray, She listens intently, never interrupts and sometimes you get the odd clap.
            Of thunder.

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  3. I MUST start remembering to take pictures! My other-half planted some zucchinis last Spring/Summer. One of them was H.U.G.E.!!!! Actually most all of them were quite large, but this one was mind-boggling. Unfortunately, I don’t care for zucchini … and one person can only eat so much … so it ended up in zucchini heaven.

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        1. 😄 That’s a novel, more humane idea Ark; better than the ones I get from Chrissyians for sure! 😬 They usually pretend to be Supreme Righteous Judges in charge of divine tortures and eternal damnation. 🤭


  4. What a whopper! And thank you kindly for the nod in my direction. But this is definitely down to you. Do you think the hens might’ve made some contribution to your soil, or the hens AND the compost/mulching system as per our mutual gardening guide, Charles Dowding? Whatever – I think you get first prize and a big red rosette at the Interweb Vegetable Show.


    1. I am at a loss for an explanation.
      Someone dans la famille remarked that it was because of my haphazard approach and next season when we plan to do it ”properly” ( as Ems keeps telling me) I’ll probably never be able to repeat this feat of gargantuan gardening.

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