Passengers on the flight

The Brown Veined White migration is still in full swing and the garden is like an endless stream of  fragile, almost diaphanous wings, from sunup until sundown when our migrants alight on the lavender bushes and rest for the night.

As mentioned before, there are other butterflies in among the main body. Whether these are along for the ride I do not know, but I have seen several species.

Here’s another shot of a Common Orange Tip I shot this morning.

14 thoughts on “Passengers on the flight

  1. Has your brother ever been down to Canberra to watch the cockatoo migration? They come up from he south, and I think they actually wind up somewhere around Sydney, but in Canberra they hang around for a few weeks. It’s great. We had one walk into the living room (literally, walk in while we were watching TV), take a look around, go to the kitchen, and stayed for 2 weeks.

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  2. It may be that they are all headed the same way, and there is safety in numbers. Butterflies are so fragile…

    I love the image of a cockatoo holing up in your kitchen for two weeks, John, And after all, why not. Had a friend who came home from shopping one day to find a white duck sitting on her step. Not damaged, just sitting. She opened the door and it walked in, settled under her kitchen table and that was it. She said it got along fine with the cat…


        1. OR Brown veined whites.
          Come on Mr. B … read the bloody article properly.
          There is a move afoot (always wanted to write that!) to try to standardize all English names.
          Obviously to foil Smart Alec’s like you!

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