It fluttered by

It’s the annual migration of the Brown Veined White as millions of  butterflies begin the migration journey , or more accurately emigration, as they do not return.

From the south western regions of South Africa the butterflies make their way north east towards   Mozambique and head out across open water towards Madagascar.

We are fortunate at the Ark’s spot as our garden is inundated for several days.  Like so many great African migrations, numerous passengers come along for the ride and this morning, for the first time, I noticed this beauty.


Common Orange Tip. (Male)




14 thoughts on “It fluttered by

  1. these are charming, Ark. There is something magical about butterfly migrations, and as you say, it’s a one way trip. Such a short life and such long distances they travel.

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  2. What a beauty… 🙂 Fortunate that the Ark National Park is flooded for several days? Really?
    Oh, so you don’t have to water the plants? 🙂
    (And those little guys fly all the way across the ocean to Madagascar? Fascinating.
    Be good.


    1. This years emigration is more dense than I remember previous years. At some times during the day it was almost like a wispy cloud all over the garden.
      Someone shot a video today, I’ll see if I can nab it and upload.
      They don’t reach Madagascar apparently and all die soon after they head out to sea.
      What’s more odd is that Madagasscar has it’s own species of Brown Veined White.

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      1. A cloud of butterflies is a nice sight these days… Pesticides have not killed them all yet, then…
        The distance to Madagascar seems a bit long indeed… Maybe it’s a remnant of when the island was attached to the continent? (Probably was at some point)


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