10 thoughts on “Seth Andrews: Christianity Made Me Talk Like an Idiot

    1. Why do u guys continually get excited by decons who are utterly clueless as to scripture?

      He said it himself I suppose: people need therapy. He is truly lost as fog.


        1. He KNOWS his scripture? You mean like Paul: ‘I KNOW whom I have believed , and an persuaded…..’

          Even you must admit that being familiar, and knowing, are not twins. Hence the devil referencing Ps 91 ‘he shall give His angels charge over thee….’

          THAT scripture was NOT for the devil to use as a play toy- something Seth is rather familiar with.

          So I’ll say it since it is lost on the crowd: it is written again, and again, and again.

          There is ALWAYS this context thing- which the careless or sloppy reader is uninterested so as to draw their own conclusions. Not too smart.


  1. I thought scripture was universal and eternal from the unchanging god? Now we need context? If it was true then it would be true now. Colostomy has two sides of his mouth and they both seem to be working.

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  2. @ColonicStream is an expert in sloppiness. Just check out this sentence:
    “…like Paul: ‘I KNOW [sic] whom I have believed , [sic] and an [sic] persuaded…..'”

    So it’s true: creationism really does go hand in hand with illiteracy. When you’re this hopeless at putting your thoughts into writing, judging someone else for their alleged lack of context hardly matters.

    Not too smart, @ShitStorm. 💩⚡

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