Around the garden.

Citrus Swallowtail on Lavender

Catherine and Val

Crab Spiders on Cosmos.

Benji and Danny.

Hoverfly on daisy

Homegrown Pepper

Carpenter Bee asleep on a Cosmos.

African Common White (Belenois creona)

‘Iceman’. (not one of ours but now a regular visitor)

Millie looking over the valley. Best seat in the house!

Hillbrow Tower 16/1/20


33 thoughts on “Around the garden.

  1. AGAIN with the Hillbrow Tower thingy. Hmmmmm. 🤔🤨 Btw, have your giant P. Passionfruit blossomed and drooped from the vine yet Ark? 😁

    Wonderful pics! I’m curious, what exactly are the Crab Spider and Bee doing together? Showing off to the itty-bitty flies? 😉 May I suggest that you give more indepth, juicy details as to the goings on in your fabulous, provocative pictures, Garden of Eden, and Arkesatan’s home. Or would you prefer MY imaginative commentary Sir? 🤭

    P.S. As you can see, I am pretty bored with the Chelsea v. Arsenal game.


      1. Yeah, I could’ve just watched the last 15-20 minutes of the match and got a bit excited. The Gunners most definitely snatched a point out of the 3-point clutches of Chelsea and Lampard—they had it right there in front of them; they could taste it!!! Hahaha! Mikel Arteta and the Gunners were so, SO lucky to grab 1-point!

        Ugh, why, why, WHY did we ever acquire David Luiz? Does ownership and management have no clue about what a world-class defender plays like, produces, and shuts down!? None? Are they brain-dead Ark!??? Luiz has NEVER been a high-class center-back. Not with Brasil, not with PSG nor with Chelsea. Honestly, how many Gunners of late, the most prolific center-backs of the last decade have been at the Emirates? Koscielny? Eh, maybe. Sol Campbell? Nah, that was long ago. See what I mean Ark?

        Ahhh! (throws up his arms) Sorry for my little rant here and thanks for indulging it… for now. 😄

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          1. HAH! Funny you mentioned Virgil. When I was playing my Football Manager 2014 game on PC—forward into 2021 I think?—as my Dunners, replacing Wenger, 😄 I bought Van Dijk in 2015 from Celtic… knowing full well that Mertesacker, Koscielny, and especially Vermaelen were aging fast.

            Van Dijk and a lesser known young Argentine CB with similar potential named Éder Álvarez Balanta (River Plate, now with Club Brugge), and Ark… those two talented giants took my Dunners to several Championships, including UEFA Champions League winner and two Premiership titles! 😲😆 I know, I know… I was brilliant wasn’t I? 😉 😛

            In real life? HOLY SMOLLY BATMAN, we would kill (like President tRump) to have Virgil Van Dijk at the Emirates right now. What a fantasy dream come true, huh? 🙄

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          2. Yeah …. what a Wally! He missed from a similar distance against Liverpool last week.
            Ollie’s face as he walked off at half time…. sheesh.

            Shame about Vardy.

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          3. Yes, very sad. To add to an exciting, down-to-the-wire last 3-2 games to determine CL qualifiying and Premiership relegation, all fans want to see the star players playing! Vardy’s injury didn’t hurt me as much as Luis Suárez, but it’s a shame Vardy’s might seal all hope of ANYONE challenging (sort of?) your boys Ark. 😦


          4. Ooooo dear. I just remembered your boys are playing tomorrow AT Molineux Stadium! 😬😰 That’s not going to be a walk in the park; not with Salah and Mane gone to African Cup. Goodness, perhaps I spoke to soon, huh? Lol


          5. What!? Am I missing something? (in serious tone) The 2020 African Nations Championship, sorry. Not Cup. But am I confused?

            Mo Salah plays for his country of Egypt, yes? And Mane for Senegal, who are still in it, right? And the qualified teams start April 4 — April 25, right?

            Or did Egypt and Senegal not qualify? Is that it? I have not kept up with this tournaments qualifying rounds.


          6. Ah, okay. I THINK I’ve determined my confusion/mistake. Sorry. The damn CAF and their tourneys confuse the hell outta me sometimes. I just have always known that the CAF’s tournaments would mess up your club’s starting 11 TOO MUCH during the season! 😠😄

            Apparently the African’s Nations Cup and the African Nations Championship are TWO DIFFERENT tournaments, yes? That’s what was messin’ with my head! And I assumed Egypt and Senegal were still in the ANC, the latter tourney. I see now they are not. Plus, all the news about the African Nations CUP changing from Ethiopia and for temperatures in Cameroon have only further clouded-up my head—on the blink like yours Ark 😉 —to the point that I sound like I belong on Monty Python’s Flying Circus, huh? 🤣

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          7. Oh! And no, I wasn’t stating Salah and Mane were missing the Wolves game. Just that playing there at Wolverhampton was not going to be easy with the form they’re in right now. That damn good Mexican attacker—that irritates the HELL OUTTA our National Team when we play El Tri—Raúl Jiménez has a way of driving defenses mad, especially the big clubs! Lol

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          8. Hahahaha! Put wrapped-gauze over all your finger nails Ark! You hear me!? Don’t need to be messin’ up the wife’s floor in front of the telly, huh? 😉


  2. Val is a chicken? Too funny! I’m a Val (prefer Valerie but few respect my wishes and modern brevity shortens everything these days), but I won’t mind as much knowing there’s a chicken named Val. 🙂


    1. Not to rain on your parade too much ….The The chickens are named after Formula 1 Drivers.
      So, we have a
      Danny (Daniel Ricardo?
      Kimi – Kimi Raikkonen
      Max . Max Vestappen
      Val -Valtteri Bottas

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