Death’s Head Hawkmoth

Approximately an hour ago, I heard scrabbling coming from the  plastic container on my desk, and lo and behold, the Death’s Head Hawkmoth that had been pupating for the last couple of weeks, finally emerged!

A rare treat.

I draped a cloth  over the side to allow the moth purchase to climb out.

It maneuvered into a position where it could hang to allow its wings to dry.

It is still there as I type. Once it is ready for it’s maiden flight I shall release it into the night.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the photos.



14 thoughts on “Death’s Head Hawkmoth

  1. It’s always a bloody miracle when you get to actually see it happen. We had an influx of Monarch butterflies several years back, and I spend vast amounts of time with the chrysalises, hoping to get a picture of the actual ‘birthing’ but I suspect you need a running camera for that. I never wearied of watching the process.

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    1. I actually thought of you when I posted this.
      One of the cats found the caterpillar and brought it inside.
      Glad to see Norwich won yesterday. There’s still a chance for them ….

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      1. Chance? Seriously? No sadly we are just not good enough for the prem, play nice football but that is not going to save us. Unfortunately I can see half the team being sold come relegation, so much young talent. Another season or two together then we could mount a serious attempt to maintain prem status

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  2. This would make a great Black Metal Band Name. “Death Head Hawkmoth has just released their latest blistering album of horror metal, “The Pupation Terminous” Out now on Transcending Obscurity records”.


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