Not for Nan!!

Apparently, Ems reached for some CMC powder  ( used in fondant icing) and got somewhat of a surprise upon seeing this little Miss Bert clinging to the side of the bottle!

Up went the call from the studio, and Dad came running, camera in hand.

Everyone popped by to ”ooh” and ”aaah”, and even the wife said: ”I love rain spiders. Please don’t put her outside in case one of those $%#”& wasps finds her.”

Removing said Miss Bert from Ems work station and transferring him to the mini hi-fi on my desk,

I gently coaxed her onto the gorilla candle ….


… where she sits, quite calmly, contemplating spidery thoughts.

Made my day.




26 thoughts on “Not for Nan!!

      1. In their own environment they are fine, wonderful creatures. In mine not so fine.
        My older brother scared the sh*t out of me when I was about 5 by putting a big bast**d on my jumper, never got over that. Stupid I know, totally irrational as none here are venomous.


  1. well, spider or not, she’s adorable. I do think you have to let her go eventually, Ark. As much as you like them, they do have work to do, and can’t be expected to lounge around on candles and such, waiting to be fed and patted…

    You just want to hope she isn’t going to plant about a zillion spider eggs in there.

    (the hardest part would be naming them all)

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    1. She’s a youngster. Not old enough to date let alone mate.
      I have no hold on this one. She found her way in and I am sure she’ll find her way out when it suits. I just didn’t want to intentionally put her in harms way (of pompilid wasps) when she can ”lodge” here in relatively safety.


  2. You should just try waking up in a back porch sort of room, on a camp-bed and with a colossal hangover—and there, all fuzzy, is a spider so huge it’s bigger than your field of view.
    My head hurt and my only thought was “It’s a hallucination—they don’t make ’em that big”.

    Sobered up very quickly later on when I was helping my hosts sweep out their garage and there on the floor behind some old boxes was a desiccated deceased almost-as-big. Brrrrr … Australia, of course. We have civilised bugs in kiwiland.

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