38 thoughts on “Oh, for gods’ sake!

  1. I think some will blame Satan.

    But God being The Prime Mover, and all-knowing (go on … just you TRY to pull a fast one on Big G~!) I think they;ll be blaming the wrong guy. It’s like blaming the forest for growing the wood that was used on The Cross, no?

    Let’s face it — the bush fires are all part of God’s Plan.
    In fact, without His interference none of them would be happening. (There — further proof that God exists and is real — chew on that, Atheists!!!)

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        1. They are mentioned … but never graphically enough. Close-ups of charred corpses please … it might help reinforce what to many is merely an academic lesson between slices of buttered toast and coffee.


      1. Ooooohhh ,,, digression alert, red herring, ahoooga ahoooga!

        God is good, and it’s time all you damn’ atheists said so! So there! It’s even in the Bible, no? (Sheesh … and they call ME dum’ !)


      2. How did I miss this?

        Indeed we can, Sir. To attempt otherwise is to try to ignore God’s omniscience and omnipotence—for a religioso there’s no alternative; unless said Believer wishes to rewrite the book a little. A lot.

        Don’t forget that God was right in there in the gas chambers at Auschwitz too, completely impotent when it came to interfering in His very own Great Holy Plan. Now you just try getting any Abrahamic to agree to that Truth.
        It is the (R) THE biggest loophole in the Abrahamic debates (and everyone ignores it). Amazing …


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    1. I do love the way any event on this planet, no matter how insignificant (the proverbial ‘if a sparrow falls” meme), how catastrophic, how bizarre (rain of fish comes to mind), there is always one nutjob or another who can link it to a bible passage, a reference to God’s ways, or retribution for our sins. Sometimes, in a spirit of compactness, they make one link, reference, or finger wave cover everything…

      It’s wearying, and I do wish they’d stop, or at least go over there in that distant corner and murmur amongst themselves.

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  2. I bet no Christian would dare address bush fire property loss victims and the fire fighters with such a comment.

    It sound like something our Prime Minister would say to the nation.

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          1. Apologies … that was a shot at the System, not your own good self.

            People do indeed vote, for ‘them’; whoever Them is at that time and place (and often regardless of any other factors than the label).


    1. be assured they would, but only from the safety of their pulpit. I believe the phrase is, “god’s will”…and the other one is, ‘retribution”.
      As my mother used to say, when she was passing the blame along to someone else, “well you must have done something wrong…

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      1. Priests may get away with it but In fact if anyone who is someone dares mention any god on TV they would likely be fed to the flames. We of course get the “thoughts and prayers” standard type of rubbish on the odd occasion. It appears the animals must have sinned most terribly in Australia and deserved to die an agonising death, or is it that God is destroying these animals simply to fit into his ongoing and everlasting mentally unstable plan that no Christian has any idea of what it is about, even though Noah went to all that trouble to save them?

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    2. So who was it knew about those fires (and the hideous deaths of a few dozen wild animals and bugs) even before The Creation, and left ’em in the script?

      Chous please: “Praise God, from whom all blessings flow” … and make it good!


      1. Dum’ dog … can’t even spell ‘chorus’ … or was that God, billions of years ago, setting me up?


  3. Please, someone — anyone, for freak’s sake — make Robertson go away. Make him go home. Doesn’t he miss the reassuring dampness of his native Scotland?

    This cretin, this pontificating buffoon is an inspiration for the homegrown morons who want to read divine signs into calamitous natural events. And to use the mega-fires as a pretext to bore us all blind by quoting scripture; or to entertain their wet dream fantasies of answered prayer, or deliverance, etc.

    Oh, what’s the bloody point? These people are making me sick, getting worked up like this, to no avail…

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    1. Chris — track the dribble back to source, then plug it:

      God created everything
      God is all-wise
      God is all-power
      God is etc etc

      —then God alone is responsible. Right?

      Thanking God, from whom all blessings flow (damn, I hear the Monty Pythons singing ‘All things bright and beautiful’ now. Time for breakfast, I think …)

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  4. No, your god is calling you to go help put out the fires. If you cannot do this personally, send some money to support those who can.

    Sheesh! Morons, morons everywhere who claim to know the mind of their god and get the wrong message over and over and …

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  5. Weeflea: As the bushfires continue to rage, what might God be saying?

    God: I’m givin’ her all I’ve got, pastor. If I push her any harder she’s gonna blow

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    1. Perhaps those fires are merely an overture?

      (You know what they said in that old song: “Fire, not a flood, next time!”)


  6. Just a thought. If the person who made that crass statement was to catch alight would they still think its ‘god’s calling’ or would they start praying someone pisses on them?


      1. Visited that link and nearly puked. I’ll certainly not waste my time posing any questions to that pompous arsehole. If he catches fire I doubt anyone will piss on him! (maybe sprinkle him with a gallon of un-leaded)

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  7. The utter lack of understanding, caring and empathy in people making statements like this never ceases to astound me. That such statements are made by all-loving Christians on behalf of their all-loving “god” I find to be sickening and reprehensible.

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    1. Christians claim the Holly Bible preaches the highest morals of a loving God and without it we would all be bad asses and mass murderers. As this perfect God just happens to have murdered masses of people, are humans therefore not following this loving God’s morals regardless of their behaviour?

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