23 thoughts on “Musical Interlude

    1. I’ll bet it would. Or you could pop over to David Robertson’s blog and ask him how to go about praying for rain. Apparently he is calling for it, so I’m sure it’s bound to work.

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    1. we’ve learned to never second-guess this year based on last year. We’ve had open winters with no snow until January, we’ve had winters (last year was achingly memorable) with temps down to -20 and snow years where we had a blizzard once a week for four weeks running. In March. I figger, it’s only the beginning of January, we have a shed full of wood, at any moment anything could happen…

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      1. I’ve had three bad years of snow and just assumed it was always deep. According to the locals, this is more normal, speaking of which, it just started snowing 🌨

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      2. Judy, I can’t remember at all when the last time was DFW had one flake of snow, let alone ice on bridges and roads. Read in our local paper that Dallas-Ft. Worth’s average winter temperatures now are 1.75 – 2.0 degrees warmer than just 10-yrs ago. And over my own lifetime temps between mid-Oct to early February we would have many days or different weeks in that time of 32° or lower—infrequently a night or three that were into the 20’s.

        Now? Pfffftttt, we are lucky if we have just 2-3 nights in a row of low 30’s during the 14-16 weeks of what USED to be our winters! 😮 😢

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        1. awww. I”ll send you our next blizzard. And if you’re good, the ice storm we usually get in March. You’ll LOVE that…and last night, true to form, we had and are having our January thaw, which, by golly, usually happens in (wait for it) January. This time a week early, but hey, Im not complaining. The cat had to Walk Through Ice and Slop this morning to get to his catdoor, and he’s been pissed at me ever since. City cat.

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          1. 😄 Well, to be honest I’d/we’d take it all. Now many Texans would not understand my reasoning, but when early Spring approaches then arrives, what insects (crickets, grasshoppers, locus, all forms of outdoor roaches, flying or non-flying, etc, etc.) USED to be killed in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s by freezing temperatures, infrequent snows, et al. BUT NOT ANYMORE. 😌 Now every year we are over run by swarms and swarms or infestations!

            So Judy, PLEASE send what you can YESTERDAY!!! 😉 😛


  1. I had no idea Ark that you’re taste in fine music (e.g. Stevie Ray Vaughan) included American jazz as well. Wow. You never cease to ______________ me! You are simply an enigma within enigmas! As cool as a cucumber and NOT just a wrench looking for some works to wreck! 😉 😛


    1. I bought the album the year it came out.
      I don’t know when exactly it was that I got into jazz rock/fusion – I think it was after hearing the RTF album Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy at a friends house. I was about 15 or 16?
      My mate Graham and I ( we were in the same garage band for a while) sort of embarked on a musical renaissance after that, listening , and buying , albums from a wide range of jazz/jazz rock/fusion artists.
      From Miles, Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans to Soft Machine and Zappa and all sorts in between.
      I’ve been fortunate to see a few of the artists as well.

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      1. Well, I’m impressed. I’ve always enjoyed your 70’s rock (give or take a decade), your rhythm-n-blues, some metal, folk, and punk (I think?), but now this? Don’t tell me you also have affections for Classical music/compositions too. If you do and still listen to some, my image and impressions of you will COMPLETELY change! I won’t tell you in which direction. 😉 😛


        1. I like a bit of Ludwig van and Mozart now and then. Mum used to play classical piano.
          I enjoy Paganini from time to time – I searched him out after buying Enigmatic Oceans by Jean Luc Ponty.

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          1. Well my, my… despite your deep roots at Anfield and dodgy garden fruits, underneath all that rough-n-tumble steel/brass and wiry guitar-strings, there’s a refined Gentleman, warm and well-rounded—rounded in a mental sense of course!—and a man after my own heart and some others! I’m pleasantly surprised Ark. You are pretty likable after all! 😄

            Btw, did you catch my semi-lengthy question for you over on my latest blog-post about world footballing leagues? I’d really like to hear/read your opinion(s) Sir. 🙂

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          2. Yeah, no worries. I’m there too old man. 😉

            Since I am so heavily invested in my Football Manager 2019 simulation game (as Arsenal) and all the other obligations and hobbies I enjoy, I don’t have much extra time for PUBLIC fantasy leagues. Sorry Ark. 🙂

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