Photo Review 2019 #1

While not the most productive year photo-wise there have been a few highlights. Here are some that, for a variety of reasons, I was particularly pleased with.

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10 thoughts on “Photo Review 2019 #1

  1. Love that one of nice lady preparing lunch for her (patiently watching) dog.
    Centipedes and scorpions = brrrrr!
    Kitten figuring out the milk-feeder = love it!
    One of them could also serve as a warning for the unwary, that when handling kittens five of six ends are often sharp and pointy.

    Nice shots~!

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  2. Interesting and diverse gallery. I particularly like the bee shots. And the kittens – melts my heart. Our three grown-up cats were each hand-reared (each found single and alone and still with eyes closed and barely alive) and I know what hard work and commitment and love goes into hand-rearing, and also how rewarding and what intense bonds are formed!

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