It fluttered by – through the eyes of a child.

We are down to the final two Swallowtail chrysalis and this morning as I sat at my computer, Catherine, who’s spending the day, pointed to the 5ltr water bottle on my desk and exclaimed:

”Look, Ark, there’s a butterfly in the bottle.”

I hadn’t even noticed!

And then there was one …


Cindy has a sniff.

After the brief photo shoot I escorted our Swallowtail outside to one of the lemon trees to ”hang out” until his/her wings were strong enough to fly.

An hour or so later, Catherine pops into my office and announces the butterfly has gone but is now on a different plant with another butterfly.

”Oh really,” says I, jumping out my chair and grabbing the camera!

Love is!






8 thoughts on “It fluttered by – through the eyes of a child.

    1. Thank you.
      The dog wandered out onto the patio where I was sitting on a bench and I gently held out the butterfly for her to ”inspect”.
      As they say in the movies:
      No animal was hurt in the production of this … blog.

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  1. Hello Ark. With the ones you assisted you should have an increase in them soon. Do they stay in the area or do they just keep moving until they die? Good going repopulating the species. Hugs

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  2. If any of my dogs had sniffed the butterfluff from that close … he’d have sneezed and I’d be scraping butterfly off the wall. BTs are a bit enthusiastic and sometimes quite clumsy. Great shot~!

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