Sometime the filth becomes a little too much ..

Good gravy. Show ONE command in the Christian book if living and instruction known as the New Testament where a believer is called upon to stone behead, or kill anybody under the guise of doing God a favor which your pet friend Hitler tried.


…. and simply has to be flushed out once and for all.

He won’t be commenting here anymore …





37 thoughts on “Sometime the filth becomes a little too much ..

  1. Is he limiting himself to the NT? If so, there aren’t any direct commands that I can recall, but Jesus says the OT laws stand until the end of days, so, yeah, that is a nod to mass murder.

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    1. Acts 5 isn’t a command, but it is a direct magical killing of two people for not giving up all of their cash. Either Yahweh did it directly, or maybe Peter did it with his magical rebuke powers.

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  2. Whether in the Book or not, Christians from day zero have eagerly seized upon the injunctions as giving licence to commit grievous bodily harm on those not following them. Sort of, ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself, and if you don’t you will get chopped slowly into little bits.’

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  3. Religion is simply a mindset to allow for gratuitous violence and killing…
    Nature’s way of population control because most people are stupid, lazy and incapable of reasoning thought.

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      1. I haven’t visited him or CT in ages. They both acted like repeating the wrong thing magically made it less wrong. It was like talking to a drunk that didn’t know he was drunk.

        I was thinking of having them handy so when other people pop up and say Christianity’s this thing that makes people nice and friendly, you have something on hand to show them that no, that’s not the case.

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        1. The comment featured here looks good enough! (And I also took a screen shot )
          It rather tells it’s own story of where people like Colorstorm are really ”at”.


  4. So @ColonicStorm got shit-canned. He’s shit-out-of-luck. He was dropped like a turd. His moronic irritations received colonic irrigations. He…

    Okay, that’s enough, already.

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  5. If Jesus was to be taken in front of a judge and Jury (a system of justice created by man who was created by God in his image no less) and he was considered to be a third part of the Christian God as it is claimed and in respect of the judgments forced on man made by God directly or indirectly how would the defence present their case?

    I guess the defence for Jesus only as a man with super powers could start with the fact that he was overruled by the other two thirds that make up God or the fact that Jesus was not born and not yet a part of this trinity during the Old Testament.

    The prosecution would allege he has to at least be tried as an accessory to murder of Ananias, Sapphira and Herod in the New Testament. Of course his defence could argue it was Peter and an Angel and not Jesus who murdered these people.

    The prosecution would of course counter with the fact that Jesus was the only person with super powers that existed at that time as it had been demonstrated by him many times in public. The fact that Peter who was Jesus’s right hand man did not have to touch these people who both died at the same time with what is believed to be a heart attack is not likely to have happened naturally and the angel can only be summoned to kill someone by a person who would possess super powers and be in contact with the other two parts of God.

    At any case I think Jesus would get 20 years to life considering the motives for murder were lying about money and failing to praise God respectively.

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  6. Whatever happened to Freedom Of Speech? Ye gods, he’d be welcome on my blog — you can have a lot of fun with someone like that. So long as you don’t take it seriously~?


    1. He has all the freedom he wants to express his sentiments on his own blog. I have no issue with that.
      However, he has become like a festering sore that won’t heal – and the stuff that oozes is making me nauseated.


      1. By their deeds thou shalt know them … let those with eyes to see and ears etc etc — which I take to mean let him reveal himself. And who among us doesn’t need a good laugh now and then?


    2. the sad part is, you can have a lot of fun with his nonsense, but other people reading it take it very seriously, and it can cause damage. Folks being what they are, it just gives justification to their own jigsaw beliefs.

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  7. Every time I go along Esk Street (Invercargill) lately I’m bailed up by Happy Krishna folks. I enjoy them, but despite their very best efforts I don’t end up with a copy of their free books, and neither do they end up with a ‘donation’.

    I kept today’s one going for (I think) about twenty minutes before we amicably parted, him quite unaware that my aim was to reduce his income. (I think I succeeded, a bit …)

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    1. Hari Krishas are okay, they have a certain good natured charm and they only sell what they truly seem to espouse. People like CS are not even close to that. I’ll bet he doesn’t even own a tambourine..

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        1. “By their deeds thou shalt know them”

          Wise words, and they still seem to work. Is (Teresa still a saint, does anyone know?)


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