31 thoughts on “Look what the cat dragged in.

          1. Did I say house-sized? Office-building sized is closer to the truth. The rifle is not for centipedes, though. The tree out the back has fireflies the size of A380’s.

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    1. Ah, well, cats are more at the business end of hunting than you or I.
      I think Virgil was more confused with his find than anything else and didn’t seem perturbed in the least when I relieved him of his catch.

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  1. Hello Ark. I assume you were good enough to replace the toy you took away? Only fair right? You would not want someone taking away the toy you were playing with. Hugs

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      1. Hello Ark, When I take a lizard from one of mine, they follow me around bumping my legs and meowing for me to return their toy. I guess mine are more use to getting their own way, their being only two of them. Or they are just brats? Hugs


    1. Btw, Ark… do you get to Cape Town much? It’s only a 14-hour drive, right?

      I ask because there’s a Cafe/Shop there I’ve read about and heard many great compliments about: Truth Coffee & Cafe. In my Steampunk blog-post today I included it as a Must Stop By if you’re a Steampunker fan. Do you know about it?


          1. I gather you are quite preoccupied. With what I shall not pry. Or maybe…

            You are hunting more critters and creatures? Or the wife has kicked you out of the house…
            again? πŸ€”

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