Religious freedom. Contradiction of terms?

While indulging in five minutes of semi-random article clicking on my Reader I came across something on a site called Christianity Today titled:

Why the Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion or Belief role is invaluable

I wonder, does a badge and a hat come with the job?

You can read the article if you fancy.

Oddly enough this is regarded as a human rights issue.

Are kids included? I mean, are they allowed to stand up and say:

‘Well, Mum and Dad, thanks all the same, but I don’t want any religion if that’s okay with you?”

‘If you don’t mind I’ll pick my own husband/wife.”

”To be quite honest, I’m rather attached to my foreskin/clitoris.”

Does this also mean it should be considered acceptable for them to burn heretics at the stake and stone gays or sling them from roof tops?

Just because they are not ”our” kids, should kids be  taught Creationism in school and get dragged along to such mind expanding events as the:

6th Annual Quran & Science Conference 2019


As most of you heathens are aware,  I live in South Africa, though I am still regarded as English. Or maybe I still regard myself as English? As I rarely discuss the goings-on of English life with my folks, – ”Doug, you wouldn’t recognise the place,” and my siblings are  now living in ”forun parts”, maybe this is why I occasionally read what’s happening back in Blighty? (aside from what my English blog-pals write of course)


I don’t know if the South African government has such an office, as I haven’t checked ( read: cant be bothered) ,but it certainly never existed when I was growing up in England (when you could go to the cinema and still get change from a sixpence) and I cannot imagine a more odd political office.

Such an office becomes even more odd (odder?) when you consider the aims of the two main antagonists – Christianity and Islam – is to evangelize the heathen (at all costs?).

In light of the above, is this odd office – the Special Envoy of which is currently, oddly enough, a Muslim ( Maybe they rotate annually through the various religions ) not merely a response to the somewhat pathetic whining from Christians and Muslims about persecution and Islamophobia?

In the interests of fair play and all things that pith hats, cricket, shooting natives and drinking tea represent, shouldn’t the British government establish an office called, Freedom From Religion and Non-Belief?

If this ever materializes I want first dibs – and there better be a bloody hat too!




15 thoughts on “Religious freedom. Contradiction of terms?

  1. The part that gets me about religions is the injunction, ‘You MUST believe,’ or ‘You MUST have faith.’ Surely those are contradictions in terms? You either do or you don’t. Any imposition is a sham.

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    1. Absolutely correct.
      And this is where the grey area of raising kids in the faith comes into play and why this supposed Freedom of Religion(sic) takes on an entirely different perspective.

      The element of child indoctrination
      is crucial to the continuance of religious belief – ask any deconvert.

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      1. On the question of rights, it has been argued that the United nations declaration on human rights doesn’t go far enough to protect minority beliefs and this might include children

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        1. This was made evident a few years ago when the topic of banning child circumcision was put forward.
          It never made it past the first hearing.
          Ironically it was the German delegation/representative who vetoed it.
          Guilty conscience perhaps?


      2. It is a tricky one, indeed. After all, it is only natural for parents to want to educate their kids into something they themselves believe in strongly. How to do it while still giving freedom of choice to an immature child?

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        1. Tricky indeed. It is odd, however, that YEC and ID are not allowed to be taught in state schools, and yet any such efforts directed towards parents or peers from indoctrinating children outside of this arena are deemed an infringement of parental rights.

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    1. Hold out for the t-shirt. Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

      I see nothing wrong in raising a child in the faith parents are born into, it does seem no ‘wronger’ than teaching them the language spoken in the home. However. There comes a time when kids start trying to break out of the egg and sprout their own set of wings, and that’s when it gets messy.
      My sense is, if the kid doesn’t want the religion he was born into, then I’d be okay with that. Sad, maybe, but hey, I might not like his new wife, either. But that’s a choice, too.

      After a certain age, it’s all about personal choices, not “hafta” and “must do this or that because”.

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  2. Religious freedom, as in freedom of religion be that Christian faith or lack thereof? Surely you jest! Faith is political, the difference between elected office perks and assured obscurity. Astute politicians recognize who butters their bread, religious “values” secure political office.

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