It fluttered by: New Swallowtails

I awoke this morning to discover two of the remaining four Swallowtails  completing the final transition to adulthood.

One had fully emerged from its cocoon and was already hanging from the side of the water bottle drying its wings. The second, was still  busy.

I managed a couple of shots.


Not the best of photos, I’m afraid. The butterfly was intent on immediately climbing out of the bottle so I had to lend a helping hand. Even then, it was so wobbly I managed only one shot then had to put down the camera as I was afraid it was going to swan-dive onto the table, or floor!

I coaxed it onto the stem of an amaryllis plant where it stayed for the better part of an hour before taking flight.


Meanwhile on the opposite side of the pot on another amaryllis…


This is the other Swallowtail – the first to emerge this morning and as you can see, ready to fly!  Which it did as I clicked the final shot!



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