Musical Interlude. Yes Indeed!

They really don’t make them like this anymore.

Anderson’s voice is sharp as a tack. Not bad for a bloke in his seventies!

Indulge yourself for a few minutes.

2 thoughts on “Musical Interlude. Yes Indeed!

  1. Er…is this THE official Yes line-up, or is it the other one with Howe and White Or did they split into two copies of the Yes brand, and both outfits perform the same formidable, hydra-headed music?

    Did you ever see them live in their 70’s heyday, Ark? That was a bit before my time, but it’s cheering to see veterans like Anderson and Wakeman can still cut it, as fearless as when they were young men.


    1. This would be considered Mk II. and then some.
      Squire had already passed away when this was recorded and Alan White considered himself too old or didn’t feel like playing.

      The original: Anderson,(vocals) Wakeman, (Keyboards) Squire,(Bass) Howe (Guitar) Bruford (Drums).

      If you look on the Yes Wiki page you’ll find all the various lineups.
      Unfortunately, I never saw them live.


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