27 thoughts on “Leading you Up the Garden Path

  1. I love your gardens of loose brick. I may try that next year; lord knows I have the bricks.

    Is that new cat? Mane? It’s a beauty.

    We are about to launch into ‘real’ winter this coming week, snow is threatened, and bitter cold is here. It’s nice to know that somewhere out there the sun is shining and plants are doing plant things.


    1. I wanted to build raised beds but had no wood . The bricks were the ones left over from the small wall construction we did a while back and they work well enough.
      Easy to set up and easy to take down,

      Mane ( Named after the Liverpool player Sadio Mane) is one of the kittens born earlier this year.

      It is roasting down here. Hitting 30 plus all week. We have just had a Highveld Summer storm(this evening around dinner time) – tons of lightening and enough thunderclaps to dislodge your fillings!


  2. MUST you have included the spider??!!?! I was really enjoying the pics to that point. 😣

    You did it just to bedevil me … DIDN’T YOU???


    1. I must be honest that, when I select photos to post I always think of you as I am about to ‘click’. You have addled my brains somewhat on that score,
      And you might be surprised how many times I don’t include spiders.

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      1. I wouldn’t want to be the one to “censor” your use of spider pictures! Maybe if you added something like “Caution: Includes Spiders” in your opening remarks or in your post title?

        Seriously, they give me the chills. Yuck! Unlike Scottie, I’m not getting used to them. Sorry.

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        1. Easier for you to assume there is likely to be at least one photo – unless the post is Ark on the Street – that way you can peek through splayed fingers from behind the couch.

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  3. ‘First beans’ by now are has beens? Cute spider … SQUELCH

    This from the guy who keeps a special matchbox in a ‘ready-use’ position, to evacuate any spiders in the house; otherwise it well and truly is SQUELCH. (Spiders … brrrrr)


    1. we live in an old OLD house. That means the vermin have ancient squatting rights, and since Im mildly allergic to wasps and don’t like squishing anything, I’ve become skilled at the glass-and-cardboard trap, which can get them safely downstairs and out the door, and me unbitten, stung, or annoyed. At least for awhile.

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      1. Rarely a good idea to squelch a waspβ€”I’m told they emit a hormone from their wreckage that drives any other wasp in range a bit hostile. Brrrr …

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  4. Six beans, huh? Is that your prediction? πŸ€” L’pool 6 — 0 Man City?

    That cat. I mean, what are the chances the cat’s name is Mane!!!? Let me guess what one of your other cat’s name is… πŸ˜„


          1. πŸ˜„ Yep, Argus… as I suspected, Ark has lost it. He’s full-blown OCD L’pool Red. Now the CATS are suffering from his psychosis! Is that animal abuse? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

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      1. Argus, you know Man City should’ve had at least 1 maybe 2 penalty kicks given against L’pool, yes? This obsession with perfection is outta hand I tell ya!

        I’ll say this about VAR (Video Assistant Referee) and Ark, I think you’ll wholeheartedly agree with me… 😁

        June 22, 1986, Azteca Stadium, Mexico City. The FIFA World Cup. Game tied at halftime 1 – 1. Argentina vs. England. Well, actually it was “God” versus England.

        In today’s VAR football games, it has reached the ridiculous point that 20 players on the field MUST now have their hands and arms lashed tight behind their backs for the entire match! This is the only way you MAY not get called for a hand-ball in the penalty box! Furthermore, and to be super technical and fair…

        The June 22, 1986 game between Argentina vs. England was a TIE game by VAR standards today! Nothing else! I’m sure England would’ve won on penalty kicks. πŸ˜› Let’s just make ALL records and ALL games straight and rightly fair by cutting off all arms and hands of footballers! It’s the only way! πŸ”ͺ CHOP CHOP! Come on, let’s go Black Knight on ALL footballers!

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  5. Ball games … give ’em a ball each and they won’r have to squabble over just the one~!

    Monty Python … they don’t make ’em like that any more. Just as well that Black Knight guy wasn’t in the marines, they teach ’em unarmed combat there …

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