Iconic Songs

The late great Ray Manzerek discusses the composition of the Doors classic Riders on the Storm

And the finished product ….

6 thoughts on “Iconic Songs

  1. The neat thing about modal songs like this is the lack of a harmonic need to cadence. Once you set that ostinato up in the bass, you can keep it going ad infinitum, as it were, and just give over to free improvisation in the solos, and it’ll sound great. Maybe Manzarek was thinking of Miles’ ‘Kind of Blue’ when he mentioned jazz? ‘Light My Fire’ is similar, in the long instrumental sections.

    It’s trance-like. I know people who aren’t Doors fans, but who love this song.

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  2. Funny you should post the first video as I watched it just a few weeks ago. Was it on your “recommended list” too?


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