16 thoughts on “It fluttered by …. well soon.

    1. Is that what it looks like to you Argus? πŸ€” I don’t think so. I think Ark changed the scale in this image, distorted it. I believe it is some carnal teasing apparatus that some couple the night before has lost. 😈😁

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          1. Leave me alone, ya bully …

            “Tiny is as tiny does,” as Tom Hanks’s character might have said in that movie.
            And I still love that scene in the Titanic movie where the pretty girl asks the table about the male preoccupation with size; which always makes me think of “The Engineer’s Song” * …

            * … I wasn’t happy with any of the song versions I just checked on the wwweb, but they give the gist of it. Boom boom~!

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          2. Those are sublimely CLASSIC lines and scenes Argus! I concur with your cinematic perfections and applaud your tastes in fine celluloid entertainment! And I’ll just let Ark’s photo and scale-changing shenanigans go… umm, “uncertain.” 😈😁


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