21 thoughts on “Calling International Rescue!

  1. Hello Ark. What the shaggy spiked hair reject from a 1950 B grade monster movie is that thing? There is not enough booze in the US for me to let that thing walk on me. Hugs

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      1. Hello Ark. Just did the old google on them.

        Is the robber fly dangerous?
        As this photo shows, Robber Flies are quite capable of handling large prey, and they will even take on large, dangerous prey like bees and wasps. … Although they don’t attack or bother humans, Robber Flies can bite quite painfully, so do not capture or pick up these flies with your bare hands.

        https://fireflyforest.net/firefly/2008/08/06/robber-fly/ Hugs


  2. awww. mr. softie. I’ve rescued bumblebees from the cellar, a dragonfly trapped in a web, and a few grasshoppers this summer who went in for a drink and ended up floating…it’s a strangely satisfying feeling, isn’t it. Like you rescuing that spider last summer.

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