9 thoughts on “Afternoon Siesta

      1. Honestly, our B-team might(?) be equal or slightly better than your C-team. Lol Geezzz, of Klopp’s lineup I only recognize four of the starters Ark and that includes Oxy, of course. πŸ˜›

        I won’t be surprised if it ends up a draw or my Gunners die and flop in the last 20-mins like they too often do. πŸ™„ I sure do like Gabriel Martinelli and Dani Ceballos; too bad he is only on loan.


          1. Haha… yeah, this season for the Gunners will be even MORE iffy than last. The squad severely lacks a real, true, authoritative leader/Captain for the important tournaments. I didn’t get to watch this game—it wasn’t televised on any free sports channels in the U.S. :/

            Your Reds are going to be just fine Ark. I really do hope they win EPL this year. They deserve it. I’m sure come May you’ll have to go have a manicure and peticure at some questionable Asian salon. πŸ˜„ Just don’t go after 10pm, okay?

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