See, kids, way back when we were all riding dinosaurs and hunting mastodons for food, music had stuff like notes and lyrics that were sung and it was played by talented people called “musicians”. I’m not making this up.

8 thoughts on “Slowhand

  1. Umm, I’m not so sure about your story. (sniffles and wipes his nose)
    We don’t even (sniff)… ride cars and buses very (sniff) well!
    Dinosaurs? Mastodons!? (sniffles and wipes his nose)
    Do you realize (sniff) how much BBQ-sauce (sniff) that requires!?
    And when WeePee and CS come (sniff) over from their caves (sniff)
    Smokin’ their funny (sniff) bibli-cannibus weeds (sniff)
    They eat up ALL the mastodon and BBQ-sauce (sniff)
    Let alone their non-existent sphincters and flatulence!!!

    (sniffles and wipes his nose)

    Hey Ark, (sniff) what kind of table salt (sniff) do you serve here?
    My mouth is malfunctioning. 😬

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  2. Musicians? That was a CPA on the stage. 🙂 Or a school teacher.
    Saw him twice in concert. Once in Alabama, he was doing first part to BB. King or Muddy waters, not sure, and once here in Mexico.
    Did you see Blues brothers 2? At the end, when they’re doing this big jam with all the great names, there’s a white guy at the back, strumming his guitar. Just playing backup. Clapton.
    I still have the Cream LP. 🙂 (Tales of brave Ulysses…etc.)
    Thanks for this moment of joy, Man.


    1. yep, it has to start somewhere, and then it grows. And what constitutes ‘good music’, like beauty, is in the eye (or in this case ear) of the beholder. So there.


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