A more balanced view of insanity.

When one criticizes Christianity one is often confronted with the charge: ”You wouldn’t dare say such a thing about Islam or Muslims.” Or maybe something along the lines of: ”Trying saying that in Saudi Arabia.”

Such charges are both valid and in some instances quite true. Consider Rushdie?

As a rule one generally doesn’t entertain the possibility of being killed for laying into Christianity.

Therefore, to develop a more balanced view of the insanity that is religion and to see if The Other Side are just as nuts as say, Colorstorm or David Robertson I picked a Muslim blog at random, crossed fingers the writer doesn’t have a pilot’s licence and a death wish, read it, wrote a comment and clicked Follow Conversation.

I await a response and the chance to have a thoroughly stimulating conversation.

Oh …. this was the line I picked up on the post.

Atheism is a great threat to Western culture

Which caused me to raise an ironic eyebrow when I read this on their About page ….

We want to applaud the good writings of all the Muslims, the Christians, the Jews, the agnostics and the atheists and others, by sharing them with our readers.

My bold.,

And in case you’re vaguely interested, here’s the blog.

The Muslim Times



46 thoughts on “A more balanced view of insanity.

  1. In the exchanges I’ve had they mostly come across as even more childish than Christians in and about their beliefs.

    [Have you booked your ticket home to see your lads clean up this season?]

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    1. This site seems less extreme , but of course like all the religious, they are adept at obfuscation.

      [Have you booked your ticket home to see your lads clean up this season?]

      No, and we are a long way from the finish line yet.

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  2. Here’s a loving quote from the Koran I think I’ll go share with these fine folks: Quran (2:65-66): “Christians and Jews must believe what Allah has revealed to Muhammad or Allah will disfigure their faces or turn them into apes, as he did the Sabbath-breakers.”

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  3. (Sent my other comment before finishing. Here’s the missing part.) They said they’d accept quotes and comments from everyone, so let’s see if they wish to discuss this one in a nice, open, kind, loving, accepting way.

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  4. Me thinks Christians, like I was, conveniently pass over the history of whole centuries when it was ever bit as dangerous and deadly to cross the Cross.
    The only difference is now there has been appreciation for freedom of religion and thought and democratic states that won’t let them do that anymore in the counties when Christianity has predominance.
    Islam is the same. In countries where they can get away with it, they are dangerous and deadly to those who critcize Islam or the prophet. Not so much here in the us or most European countries where they can’t.
    But for whole centuries when The Church ruled… They killed and punished those who spoke against just as harshly as any Al quaeda or ISIS group.
    And lest you think it was only the RCC… Please research what Calvin and Luther did when they had full control in Germany or Geneva. Chilling

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    1. The site is quite interesting, but as with their Christian counterparts, there is the religious undercurrent, especially noticeable in the comments.


  5. Such charges are both valid and in some instances quite true

    I don’t think this is a fair defense. I mean yes we might have the common sense not to invite violence upon yourself, but if your defense to criticism is to point to other religion who would enact violence upon you for your criticism, that’s not a valid argument. It has nothing to do with the quality of the criticism and one must still challenge the criticism to make a valid argument. All ideas should be fair to criticize if one values free speech. The fact that a religion does not value free speech says nothing about the content about the ideas they purport.

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    1. I don’t consider it a fair defense either, but Islam does have a ”reputation” and fear, however tacit the implication is a strong motivator.
      Telling little Christian kids they are going to burn in hell for eternity probably has a similar effect of encouraging compliance rather than actively questioning the crap they are often force fed.

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      1. Sure, both are still using fear to coerce belief, and shield from criticism. Every time a Christian fundamentalist tells their kid that their doubts about Christianity are the work of the devil, this is a type of violence in of itself.

        I guess all I’m saying is that we’d love to criticize both religions equally, but common sense kicks in and makes it not worth the effort, but for certain people it does. Ones who have enough money to hire security details for instance. lol And some people do dare, and pay the price for it. If the “religion of peace” has an image problem, then moderate muslims need to lead the charge of criticism.


          1. It is. My Dad would say it all the time. LOL Of course, he grew up during the War and early 50’s during Clayton Moore’s and Jay Silverheels’ (Tonto) run on TV. Nonetheless, the idiom is quite appropriate with regard to deflecting accountability, don’t you think? 😉


      1. Their disparagement and superior attitudes do become laughable. Meanwhile the simple beliefs of ‘infidels’ or ‘savages’ often stand up far better to the cold light of logic.

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  6. Re “When one criticizes Christianity one is often confronted with the charge: ”You wouldn’t dare say such a thing about Islam or Muslims.” Or maybe something along the lines of: ”Trying saying that in Saudi Arabia.”” The responder seems to be saying having a secular government that allows free speech is a plus. If we had a Christian theocracy, we would most definitely have blasphemy laws (we did the last time) and would lose our freedom of speech.

    So, just what was their point? “Muslim theocracies are bad … but a Christian one, now that would be good?” Or that “Christianity is good because it allows criticism when the Muslims do not?” But it is not Christianity that allows the criticism, it is the secular government.

    If these people have a point, I am not getting it.

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  7. I know a lot of people have made comments to me and to others who criticize Christianity. They say that it’s not fair to single out one religion if you haven’t looked into the beliefs and practices of other religions. Here’s what I think:

    You don’t have to look into other religions in order to know they are false. All of them. They all have the same enormous and obvious flaw: Their god is in a constant state of hiding. There is no god revealing himself/herself/itself to anybody. Different religions just have different excuses as to why that is. I don’t need to be religious to see the sun. the moon, the stars, trees, oceans, etc… An obvious god would also be universally seen, but all religions agree that one isn’t and they each have explanations as to why. Different religions are just different ways of saying we made it all up. No religious text, belief, or practice can adequately explain why God stays hidden from each and every one of us…regardless of our religious preference.

    No thank you.

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      1. I don’t know what that means but it sounds terrifying.

        I don’t know why but the thought of God revealing himself to someone always makes me think that he is wearing a trenchcoat with nothing underneath, ready to throw it open and show us his wonders.

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    1. Of course they only want you to stop saying bad things about their religion, they don’t care about all the others. It’s almost like saying you don’t like a particular sports team, and then their fans are like: ‘well why don’t you single out THIS sports team over here?’. Well, that other sports team is irrelevant to you not liking this particular team. You can even take it further and assume that you played in that sports team yourself, so you have a better understanding of how it operates, and can therefore be more objective in critiquing it.


  8. The big advantage of Islam over Christianity, is that most of those Muslim crazies are half way around the world, whereas the Christian crazies are my neighbors.


  9. Ark, instead of balancing insanity with radical Muslims or Christians, maybe try and do it with the Amish or Mennonites. You’d have a better chance of keeping your old frail body in one piece. Just a suggestion. 😉

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