13 thoughts on “Bits ‘n Bobs.

  1. Had a cat here a few years back, named Cuffy. He had exactly that same 8-mile stare; he’d been a Condo cat, on his own, took nothing from no one. I offered to take him, and his first official act here was to pee on the floor because he wanted to go out and I said no, use the box. After that, he went out when he wanted to. yes sir, anything you SAY, sir.

    This little guy has that same stare. He is definitely his own cat.

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  2. What kind of bee is that? I don’t recall seeing one in those colours before, and yes, quite the cat I’d say, I knew one well who looked much the same, he was called Baggy after Bagpuss, saggy old catpuss, because eventually, he was very saggy indeed, happy mind from what I could tell.

    – Esme waving from upon the Cloud


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