Leading you up the garden path


Thyreus getting a nosefull.

”All in all it’s just a …nother cat on the wall”

With apologies to Pink Floyd

Jacaranda in full bloom

A few chilli seedlings

California Poppies.

Across the Valley – The Observatory -Yesterday.

Roberto Capucci – gorgeous fragrance

Mocker Bronze on Lavender

”Things are just going to pot around here.” Millie

Speckled Mousebird in Peach Tree.

Hillbrow Post Office Tower. 18:35. Today.

”Hey, Buzz, I can see your house from up here.” Neil Armstrong.



38 thoughts on “Leading you up the garden path

      1. ahhh but your 32 is our 89. we were at our 40, which is your 4.4 As has been noted, we are sliding out of Autumn straight into winter.
        I’ll trade.

        Love the cats. And those jacaranda trees. My word, those are stunning.

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        1. My wife and daughter were looking at a house for sale at 850,000 Sterling on an acre of land in Looe over breakfast yesterday.
          (Is that a good price?)
          The estate agent explained the current owners have an agreement with the farmer allowing him to graze sheep on their land!
          The house is lovely and there were a lot of Ooohs and Aaahs and wow!

          And in the video the sun was shining!
          I warned Emily that after Brexit the UK might have to import sunshine.

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  1. Do the Jacaranda trees bloom all summer? They’re really outstanding.

    Also liked the bird in the peach tree.

    And — wheee! — no spiders or other creepy things to endure this time. 😁

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  2. Hello Ark. Loved this set. As you know I was most favored over the cat pics. Cats seem almost fluid don’t they, they can lay comfortably in positions that would be extremely painful to most species. About the Jacaranda, I live in Florida and with the exception of a few weeks we are pretty warm all year round. Can those be kept as a small tree / bush. We have ficus here that most people keep as hedges but if left grow they are huge trees. They grow the most greenery from where they are cut. Are the Jacaranda the same way, as I love the look of them and would plant a couple in my yard? Hugs

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    1. A thing about relaxed cats is that if you slip a hand under the middle, just one hand, to lift them up … that’s all you lift, the middle …

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    2. I read somewhere that all trees can be contained and grown small – after all that’s what Bonsai Trees are all about.
      Would you be able to import a Jacaranda or can you get them over there?

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      1. Hello Ark. Yes. I did a search on them and they are very popular here in south Florida. The local gardening places have them. I think I may look into them, they are very pretty. Hugs

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  3. Those are some fantastic photos Ark. The Jacaranda trees are absolutely gorgeous. That shot of the Observatory could make the cover of Life Magazine, or maybe BBC Gardener’s and Gardener’s Chronicle, eh!? A new career for you and the wife! 😁

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          1. Sounds about right. Jungle’s is losing his mind, so he’s like an old man wandering around the streets (or continents in this case) without pants.

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  4. Sometimes one is brought back to Earth with a jolt when one sees a photo of OUR moon from overseas—usually moons are upside down in photos …

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        1. Then rather choose plants that tend to look after themselves more. It’s what I try to do.

          I just looked up at my office clock. It’s only 9:30 over here and I’ve been up since 5:30. What time is it at your spot, Tracy? Must be hellishly early.


          1. 4:49 right now, Ben just texted that he made it to work safely. I don’t always hear his messages, but I freak out if I don’t see it when I wake up.

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  5. Hello Ark. I do not want to spam your comments section, especially with spider stuff. However I do not have your email and one of the science YouTube channels I follow just did a really good quick coverage of the Ogre Faced Spider. I thought you might enjoy it. I admit it did not freak me out to watch it as these things would have in the past. Hugs

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