15 thoughts on “There be Dragons!

    1. Hello Professor. I have heard horrible stories about scorpions in the state you live in. Stuff about how you have to check your shoes each time before you put them on, how they may be in your bed, and other scary stories. I once had the chance to spend a week in Arizona for nearly free but knew there were three foot scorpions and 2 foot spiders living there just waiting for me, I declined to go. I am still sure it was a set up. So do you like carry a stick around to knock them out of the way? Or is there a special scorpion spray like there is bear spray to stop threatening bears? Hugs

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      1. Hahahaha! Scottie, all you heard there is indeed true, especially if residents of the house do not regularly treat to deter their encroachment in ALL sorts of places indoors. That was exactly why I developed my phobia—Mom grew up in Central Texas, has been stung many times in her life. She told us all about them in detail when she moved to Kerrville, TX for 20+ years. So when I lived with her there for necessary elderly care—getting her moved out too—I had way too many encounters with them! 😬

        What is clearly the worst with them psychologically and physically is during the middle of the night, when only (maybe) night-lites are on, unless you have neon-enhancing dark lights/flashlights to make them glow, you can easily step on them while in a sleepy daze. That almost happened to me once down there, but Mom did that 2-3 times in her years there. One of those stings was in the soft, tender arch of her foot! 😭

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          1. Well, in the Southwest of the old Confederacy, Southwestern Belles (with or without yellow-ribbons πŸ˜‰ ) whatever their ages, do NOT like their homes flooded with Scorpion-glower dark-lights. 🀨

            It reveals their age-wrinkles and/or blemishes, particularly if their bed-partner is awake. And that is not excluding their husbands. 😈

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      2. Case and point Scottie? While down there working in the house office in the early evening of July-August summer temperatures, while I was fixated on the desktop computer and screen, SUDDENLY I heard this THUD on the carpet 3-4 feet away. Its loudness made me freeze and quickly look everywhere around me and in that direction! This is what I found right next to the desk and my chair, and killed. Actual photo of mine:

        They can easily drop from the ceiling, over the edge of tall bookcases, entertainment centers, or upper shelves of kitchen cabinets when you are reaching to pull something out. The sky is literally the limit (pun intended) where you unexpectedly find them. It’s freakin’ spooky as HELL psychologically or when they f*cking parachute in from ceilings like Special Forces Black-Ops!!!

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        1. Hello Professor. Holy Damn. Much worse than I was told. It is an invasion of human hunting hurt causers. Dang, what kind of evolution created these monsters? They must be hunting humans or they wouldn’t shacking up multiplying in human dwellings. It is a insect conspiracy. I think they hate us because we have opposable thumbs. They think they are better than us because they have more legs. Hugs

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          1. And wicked, very functional CLAWS… and nemesising eyeballs distracting you from that long, arched tail above just WAITING for you to make your last mistake!!! 😨

            Mom’s late husband was in the bathroom sitting on the toilet when one dropped from the ceiling above him, fell down the back of his neck, collar, and down his shirt… then stung him! This all took maybe 2.5 seconds to happen? He never did tell us if he wiped first before LEAPING off the can screaming and dancing everywhere. πŸ€”

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          2. Hello Professor. That is the same type of wasp that hunts Ark’s favorite rain spiders. I hate that part of nature. I really hate that the article you linked to said the tarantula has no defense and must only run away. It would be better if it was an equal match. I am amazed some times how cruel nature can be. Hugs

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          3. Agree with you Scottie about how amazing Nature, evolution of us and every single living species on this planet has adapted over millions and millions of years! The more you know about it, understand it, appreciate it, honestly it humbles me. Nature, especially wild nature and habitats utterly dazzle me and scare me sometimes.

            Even though we Homo sapiens have evolved to remarkable brain-power and (paradoxically, arrogantly?) the ability to think in abstract, future (self-serving?) thoughts and simulations, from the microbiological (disease, viruses, etc) to the tiny or not so tiny insects/reptiles, to massively large animals, to the Universe, Cosmos and all of it “out there” in between… the reality is and always has been: we are just as subservient to this life and planet as they are, period! No exceptions.

            Though we trick/fool ourselves into thinking we are at the top of the food-chain, the dominant Apex species, I beg to differ!!! No, we KNOW we are destroying the hand that feeds us, this planet that sustains us and our own descendants yet to be born, and we rich Americans as a whole don’t do anywhere near enough about it. Some/too many are in complete delusional denial!!! We are worse than foolish when we pretend to be The Grand Wizards of God’s “perfect” creation and superstitions. πŸ˜„ It doesn’t reflect well at all on the assumed Top Species, does it?

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          4. Hello Professor. The mistake many human centralist make is to assume we are the life of the planet. That we matter more than any other species. The idea that our fate is the fate of the planet. That is wrong. We humans may die off, or kill ourselves off, but the planet will survive and go one. Life it self will survive and other species will rise and fall as nature progresses. Lets hope the next dominate species has more concern for their habitat than we humans do. Hugs

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