Watch the birdy.

Hover over each image for identification.

As a couple of folks were asking about the birds I had catalogued at our spot, here is a selection. There are a couple of absentees, due to the really poor quality of shot.



20 thoughts on “Watch the birdy.

    1. . And yes, it seems that our birds (at least in North America) have disappeared almost overnight. I’ve also noticed a huge increase in bees, wasps. small spiders, and grasshoppers. Most mornings now when I come downstairs there will be a distraught looking grasshopper trying to find the door to the outside.
      They all arrived this spring, and now there are none. nary a robin, a swallow, a bluebird, a few chickadees, but many small migrating sparrows. No hawks, crows, jays, vultures, owls…we’ve been outside most days and have yet to see or hear a migrating flock of geese.

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        1. it is. And yet everyone I talk to says the same. Which makes sense, because our new england summer birds migrate south, many of them. If we don’t have them, they don’t.
          That is, by the way, an amazing lifelist of birds you have there. And a neat way to keep track and say, “SEE? I TOLD you I saw one…”


  1. Wow! What a freaking stout beak the Black Collared Barbet has! For nuts/acorns of some sort I imagine? Gorgeous images and birds Ark. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The Reds are sitting nicely at the top of the Table, eh? 8-points clear of City and on a 12-game winning streak, all competitions! They’re looking really good, really consistent Ark and Alison still isn’t back! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ When is he due back, do you know?

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          1. Leicester is a very good team under Rodgers. They showed exactly why they deserve to be in the top 3-6 in the table. If Mo Salah had had his usual day on the pitch, I feel you wouldn’t have eaten your finger nails Ark. LOL

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  2. Ahhh yes! You do have a bird or two visiting your part of the world!

    My favorite? The sunbirds. Love their coloring. But I must admit there’s one or two others that catch my eye as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    P.S. What prompted you to start taking pictures of the birds and bees — and other living things?


    1. I began to notice such a varied amount of fauna in the garden that I thought it might be nice to catalogue it all, and this coincided with the acquisition of my first digital camera so it was all systems go.-

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