11 thoughts on “Summer is here?

  1. Spouse has been feeding ’em (birds) all winter and we have a small following. Did have a couple of fantails nesting in one end of the hedge and some blackbirds further along, and a couple of white-eyes showed briefly … otherwise just a few sparrows and that’s it. Not good.

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    1. Perhaps you need to investigate indigenous plants and wot not to try to attract more insects, as this in turn will attract more birds.
      Just a thought?


        1. Well, bees are on the decline in many parts of the world. This is why I try to plant as many bee friendly plants as I can think of. We are not short of bees at our spot that I can assure you. There is even a bee’s nest on the lower part of the property.

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      1. Pfffttt! Hasn’t everybody around the world with class and impeccable taste for mouth-watering cakes!? Soon Emily will be on the cover of Bake from Scratch, Food & Wine, British Baker, and Time Magazine! πŸ˜‰

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  2. barn swallows, like many ‘same species” are the same around the world, but the coloring changes vastly. Our New England barn swallows look very different than yours, but the taxonomy is probably identical. Ours disappeared when our sadly aging old barn fell in, and they went to a neighbors’.
    One of my most enduring memories of my old home was of sitting in the doorway of the barn, watching the dozens of swallows swooping in and out, all day long, and squabbling in the rafters over nesting privileges….

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