18 thoughts on “Watch the Birdy

    1. Thanks , Pete.
      Snapped an interesting , but innocuous looking bird this afternoon, high up in our wattle tree.
      It had a call I have not heard before. It looks like seed-eater of some description but has red eyes
      I am wearing out Google looking for it.
      Knowing my luck, It’ll probably turn out to be a bloody sparrow that was hung over after a late night on the tiles!

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      1. It’s always quite frustrating when you can’t id something interesting you have discovered. Hopefully you will though … when you have recovered from the tiles 🙂


          1. Oh. OK. I thought it was Spanish and read it as sen-whore-a — and couldn’t believe you would refer to a faithful reader as such.


          2. Good grief! I’ve known Sylvia for years! I would no more write anything suspect to her than I would to you.
            I might be a ”god-hating, baby eating ” atheist but I do have some standards.


          3. As I indicated in my first comment … I thought it had to be a mis-type. Insults are not your style (except perhaps when communicating with a certain person with the initials CS).

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  1. Cape weaver. I am no specialist though I seem to remember very similar birds in Kenya, who built fantastic nests hanging down from thorn trees. Cousins maybe?
    How doth your catalogue go?

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    1. Cousins probably. I think it is the Social Weaver that is the one that makes those large honeycomb type constructions.
      The Cape Weaver(male) will construct around 10 separate nests in his attempt to attract a mate

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      1. Cousins definitely. Just looked up the nests. I’d forgotten about the reason why for building the nests. 🙂 Social housing really. 😉
        I remember we had a few in the garden in Nairobi.

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