17 thoughts on “Having your cake and ….

  1. comments abound. I’m not touchin’ any of them, except, where does the poor boy begin? Which bit of the anatomy does he request first? This is marvelous, she did a great job on it…

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    1. I’m not touchin’ any of them

      I think the correct grammar is, ”I’m not touchin’ either of them.” which, funnily enough, is what his mother said when he handed her the knife and said:
      ”You cut it , mum.”

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  2. oh, what a wise mum. And a careful son.

    I was just thinking what kind of a cake I’d ask for from your daughter (and mercifully the distance keeps it a thought and not a reality). I think maybe Legos with a stack of books would do it. (Feeds the inner child, it does. )

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  3. OMFreakin’Stars&Galaxies!!!! Be STILL my pounding heart and rising… umm… 🤔🙄…

    How can I describe this anatomical part without upsetting Granny Arkenaten? Hmmmmm…


    1. AHHH! I know!

      and rising, girthy…

      COMPASS ROSE showing TRUE NORTH over such a GORGEOUS Portuguese masterpiece!!!! 😁😈

      What a FABULOUS jolt of ecstasy that cake will surely bring forth… and with lots of praise from squealing piglets and screaming monkeys!!! LOL

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