Oh, for gods’ sake. The Non-believer’s best friend! What a Nob.

One Christian likes to do a weekly News Round-Up thing and this week he mentioned that, in the Congo 2000 people have died from an Ebola outbreak. No link to the article and no more details.

However ….

Directly following this is the headline and link in bold that states:  In Australia Anglican vicars marry.


Very important to get your priorities right, don’t you think so?



11 thoughts on “Oh, for gods’ sake. The Non-believer’s best friend! What a Nob.

  1. Both acts are acts of God. No?


    God the omnipotent set it all up ‘in the beginning’ and didn’t interfere (He couldn’t, could He?) and so (just as He knew even before the Bible was written) those 2000 ebolas died and the jolly ol’ vicar married.

    Sadly, no surprises possible for an omniscient so don’t bother wrapping his Christmas present …

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  2. If its a ‘news roundup’ ark, wouldn’t it be left to the reader to form their own opinion? One could consider many unique ideas regarding the two things.

    You haven’t played your hand, are they both good, both bad, one good one bad?


    1. Agreed. It should be left to the reader. However it was the writer who emphasized the marriage of two Aussie vicars and merely included a headline sans link about 2000 deaths due to Ebola.
      Seriously, what sort of moron thinks vicars getting married is more important/newsworthy than 2000 people dying?

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      1. Well you are touching on a more important point here, and that is the culture of ‘news,’ and who determines the barometer of importance and how much air time such and such receives.

        I for one, usually despise news cycles. News is generally filtered through the biased lens of the reporters, yes?

        How many times have you heard interviews, then an immediate commentary, and you say, wait a minute, that’s not what I JUST heard.

        Anyway, the more salient issue is death itself, and WHY, which people run from.


        1. Again, in the main I agree.

          However, I reiterate, it is the height of stupidity to allocate more importance to a story about a couple of Aussie vicars getting married than the very real human tragedy of 2000 people dying from Ebola.
          The latter has some very serious real life consequences whereas two vicars getting married is only of importance to rather stupid individuals who cannot see past their cheese and cucumber sandwiches – or in this case – their porridge and haggis.


      2. Seriously, what sort of moron thinks vicars getting married is more important/newsworthy than 2000 people dying?

        Which of those will sell the most advertising? (I think that’s what really counts in the news business).

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  3. Where there is ignorance or even rampant ignorance, and a horribly poor, BROAD infrastructure of education K-16 (secular + science), there is much suffering. Ignorance and Suffering usually go hand-in-hand and rampant Superstitions only FUEL this suffering! We need only review the Dark and Medieval Ages to see what rampant ignorance nurtures, infects, and spreads into a plague/epidemic.

    And OBVIOUSLY we see that religion, any sort, is merely a propellant, an accelerator for suffering. Period. With this exhaustive historical record there is no debate.

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  4. It is sad and dumb, but it’s also indicative of the media in NZ in general. Recently five people died from a tourist bus tipping over, but a few hours later it isn’t even the top story! Instead we have some sports commentary or what some random dude thinks about airports. I had to do a bit of browsing to even find the story. And that’s not even getting into how one sided and twisted media reports often are.

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