Quelle Surprise!

I have made mention a couple of times that once I acquired a digital camera I embarked on a quest ( cue music) to photo catalog all the flora and especially the fauna that  resides in and/or visits our garden.

In the beginning it was fairly easy, and the files quickly filled with all sorts of blooms, bugs and birds,

But a  select few became the absolute devil to capture. Either they were too quick, I was too slow or I didn’t have the camera with me when I went for a stroll up the garden path.

There was a species of dragonfly, a species of hawk, a white stork, a double collared sunbird and one particular butterfly – the Blue Banded Swallowtail.

Slowly but surely they were all ticked off the list until the Swallowtail was the last one not to have been photographed. Over the past five years I have seen the butterfly – oh yes, I have seen it! But never once did I manage to get even a lousy shot.

Several months ago some of you lot may recall I successfully incubated a Citrus Swallowtail chrysalis after finding a caterpillar munching away on the leaves of one of our lemon trees.

A short while after it had emerged and flown I  found another, but different caterpillar on the same tree and brought it inside and placed it in another large plastic water bottle in the hope it too would chrysalis.

This morning, as I went into the shed to help the gardener move some equipment I heard a noise, which I first thought was one of the chickens stuck behind an old bookshelf I use for seedlings.

However, when I bent for a closer look I noticed something fluttering inside the water bottle.

And this is what I discovered ….


Blue Banded Swallowtail.

Five years!

Made my week!



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