15 thoughts on “It fluttered by

          1. No not really, just take it on the chin and better luck next time. If you can use a high f.stop to get more dof something like f16. I set up with aperture priority then adjust the iso to get a nice fast shutter speed. If the subject is still out of focus step back and crop!

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          2. Give it a try. Using shutter or aperture priority is semi-automatic, when you get used to them doing the other settings as you shoot becomes second nature. I use the function button on my Nikon to control iso and keep an eye on the data in the view finder to make sure everything is as I want it. Then you can start shooting in raw and all the fun of post-processing.


  1. I have the same problem with butterflies who will NOT cooperate…all I can do is just keep clicking away, hoping to get a ‘wings down’ shot in there somewhere. These are lovely, btw. We have a gravel driveway here, and often they get their drinks from the road itself, rather than risking being trapped in a skin coat of water. I suspect those wing beats are like a hydraulic system, pumping the water into the tube…


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