Liverpool win UEFA Super Cup – Kings of Europe!


Liverpool beat Chelsea 5-4 in a penalty shoot out, with stand-in goalkeeper, Adrian, saving Chelsea’s final penalty shot from Tammy Abrahams.

It was Abrahams who gained Chelsea a penalty – and scored – to level the score at 2-2 during extra time after he was alleged to have been fouled in the penalty area.

Liverpool took both major European club trophies this year – Champion’s League & the Super Cup.

The Reds do it again!

Ark is one very happy little Scouse fan.


31 thoughts on “Liverpool win UEFA Super Cup – Kings of Europe!

  1. Hahahaha! Was thinking of you the entire 120-mins plus. 😉 Congrats to you and your Reds!

    I lost a bit of interest after the 74′ when Lampard took out Pulisic. It was a very enjoyable game for us neutrals. However, if Christian Pulisic keeps developing as well as he has been… I might become an insy weensy fan/follower of Chelsea. As you might imagine Ark, I just LOVE IT when an American lad can play first team football in Europe’s elite leagues and clubs!!! Not too many past American footballers can claim that achievement! Pulisic might just surpass Clint Dempsey and Claudio Reyna as America’s greatest footballers of all time!!! 🙂

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    1. Oh Prof, a Chelsea supporter? No don’t go there! In the eyes of other supporters there are two types of Chelsea fan, the rich foreigner who hasn’t got a clue about the game but think they are a very nice club in a lovely part of London, or the shaven headed, beer-bellied, racist thug!
      Try following a nice friendly, provincial club with colours like Brazil!

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      1. …. such as Mamelodi Sundowns in South Africa. They are even called ”The Brazilians” out here. (A nickname which has nothing to do with their personal depilatory habits, I will add.)

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          1. Hahahaha! You concern yourself with the most petty… ah, WTH. Ark won’t listen to me. As the great Carly Simon sings…

            And all the girls dreamed that they’d be your partner
            They’d be your partner, and
            You’re so vain
            You probably think this song is about you
            Don’t you
            Don’t you!


          2. I’m no Warren Beatty so don’t you going laying Carly Simon on me, you Mockingbird.
            Anyway as far as I’m concerned, Nobody Does it Better than Ronaldinho.
            It’s the teeth, and that’s final.

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          3. 😆😆😆 Mockingbird? Nah, more like a Blue-footed booby trying to dance.

            And another correction you bumbling Brit! It’s not Ronaldinho with too many teeth, though he had some talent, it is/was Ronaldo! Nobody Does it Better than Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, who started his brilliant youth career at São Cristóvão –Wooohoooo!!!– in Rio de Janeiro, on the grounds of the famed Estádio Figueira de Melo, right between/near Flamengo and Fluminense! Have you ever heard of those 2 clubs Ark, especially Fluminense!? 😉 😛 ❤ And Ronaldo has prettier teeth!

            But man, he has swelled up like a blimp over the years. He needs to tell his kitchen staff to stop making so much fatty foods! LOL Ahh, but Ark, how things can change when you become world-class famous via PSV, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, and a World Cup Champion. Here's a 2013 soccer article and how my beloved São Cristóvão F.R. and football grounds are likely to be shutdown/torn down. 😦 If you're interested Sir…


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      2. Hahaha… now Brasil I have been behind and fanatical for since 1978, but even more bonkers-for with them and that phenomenal, surreal 1982 WC (Spain) squad that made little school boys of New Zealand (sorry Argus! 😉 ), Scotland, and the Soviet Union, sweeping away their Group! Then in the next stage brushed aside Argentina!!! Woooohoooo!!! 🇧🇷 All four of those victories were the most beautiful sight and the exquisite epitome of GORGEOUS Brasilian Samba football!! 🤩

        And then came Paolo Rossi and Dino Zoff out of nowhere. 😢

        All the experts and most fans around the world thought Brasil would win it all. blhphoto… I was SO crushed. And I was about to go down to Brasil to train with my college team, but we were told it may not happen! 😮 They said the entire nation is shutdown and in mourning. Nobody, hardly any Brasilians wanted to play football or talk about it that July. Hahahaha. After a week or so we got to go.

        I will NEVER become a supporter of Chelsea however. But I am very excited about Pulisic’s development into a world-class attacker from Hershey, PA. ❤

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