A Photo a Week Challenge: Still life.

Still life of a still life.

I’ve posted this before sometime ago.

This is the second painting my father completed way back in the 20th century. I think England may have just won the World Cup!  For this piece he used only a palette knife and for only the second ‘go’ I think he did a pretty good job.

It was painted while we were living in married quarters during his time with the RAF.

They had an art class going on the base and dad thought he’d like to attend.

Well, one painting became two became three became lots and lots! As newer ones arrived, older ones were taken down from the walls and put into storage.

On a visit home one year I came across this, unframed, behind a chest of drawers on the landing.

”I wondered where that old thing was,” said my father when I brought it down stairs.

”May I take it back (to Jo’burg)?”

”Sure, why not.”

So I did, and framed it, and hung it on one wall in my office.

And talking of still life (in the old dog). Dad turns 86 next year!




Thanks to Nancy for the challenge.

21 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge: Still life.

    1. I tried to give it the rustic look!
      I am no framer!
      The wood came from some really old crates that we found on the property when we moved in.
      They were mostly rotten but I managed to salvage a few decent pieces.


  1. I’ve taken up painting just recently…takes me away from trump and religious nuts. Ha!
    That’s a really nice painting…your Dad must be quite a guy!

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  2. this is charming, Ark. One suggestion: If the wood in that frame is touching the picture, try to get something non-acidic between the two parts. Otherwise the acid in the frame could very possibly eat up the edges of the picture itself, and ruin it. I used to do volunteer work in a local historical society, and one of their biggest problems was acidic materials, from wood to cardboard to old newsprint.
    Even just acid free paper would help.

    Im also glad he kept going with the art, btw. Looks like he’s a natural at it.

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    1. Thank you , Judy. I shall look into it.

      He is/was (He doesn’t paint any more) but I know he never saw himself as a natural.
      Like Gary Player was wont to say:
      ”The more I practice the luckier I get.”
      I reckon my dad would fall into this bracket!


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