Odds n’ Ends

Home Grown – sweet pepper.

Thyreus bee stops for a drink from the lavender

Wind Chimes.

Honey Bee on Strelizia

Jasmine softens the cacti.

Bloom of the Coral Tree.

An unusual feature of this plant is that it produces flowers before the leaves.

Hot bread and butter?

Fresh from the oven this afternoon.

Zwartkops in bloom.

Southern Masked Weaver – male.





19 thoughts on “Odds n’ Ends

      1. you hit on one of my favorite pasttimes, found windchimes. I favor the ones made from heavy dowels, so that it sounds like buddhist temple gongs.


        1. These I ”rescued” from a scrap metal bin at a mechanic’s garage when I has my car in for a service.
          I suppose they could sound like Buddhist temple gongs in a V6 sort of way!


          1. I’m guessing it’s a pretty fancy oven. And why the hell not, if its parents are pumping out cakes and breads and biscuits. I need a new one. Mine is old and stubborn, like an old man eating soup during a fire drill.

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