Quite an eyeopener and most definitely worth a watch.
Thanks to Argus for posting.


(Easy answer = NO!) ARGUS

And why not?

I can think of a few reasons but my primary would be Human Nature … and the fact that saving the planet has now become Big Business in itself.

But for those with an inquisitive bent, and altruistic desires, I offer this dude—

   down finger  .gif

—who for all I know may just be a convincing con-man too (I’m ever a sucker for a well told tale).

Go there at your peril …

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 08.10.23

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  1. I covered this TED Talk here with some good commentary for anyone interested. There’s also this rather pointed criticism of Savoy’s talk that highlights the problem of identifying ‘desert’ – especially when Savoy exports his South African anecdotal studies and suggests the same can be done elsewhere.


  2. Read the other side ark?

    Uh, the Sahara was up and running and was doing fine without rain, and the camels didn’t complain, loooong before the gasoline engine was even a spark plug. There were plains, there were prairies, there were mountains, there were rivers, there was ebb and flow, there were worms, all these laugh at the carnival ride of the so-called fossil fuel crisis.

    Apparently, the nomads and the Serengeti did not give a whit as to the alleged ‘global warming,’ which is instantly dismissed because NO MAN has ever been able to prove the world is a globe. So your argument falls apart instantly, that is of course, unless you rely on the fish eye lens as a witness, which distorts even buildings at a hundred feet, let alone a few miles; that said, I find the speaker rather boring.

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    1. because NO MAN has ever been able to prove the world is a globe.

      😂🤣😂😂🤣 … OMG! I can’t stop laughing! Truly, CS, you belong on the stage with JB.

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      1. What great faith u have! Believing in something you have never seen nor experienced. Fantasy island? I’d this you?

        At least I was given a dose of common sense which u employ daily, as well as trust in my senses and observe the nature of water, which tells the truth and the whole truth.

        Keep in mind though, it’s not my intention to take this post into unknown territory for most, just pointing out a common error when we use words, ASSUMING things never tested nor proven.

        That said, scripture IS tested and proven, and agrees that the hoax of global warming merely is a passing infatuation, with some new gossip to take its place.


        1. That said, scripture IS tested and proven — Oh stop it, CS! I’m about to pee my pants! 😳

          You certainly woke up this morning with a extra dose of wit!


        1. No wonder I sleep more soundly at night … had been wondering what had happened to that ‘wee small voice’ … (he likes peanuts, and the occasional virgin).

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      1. Nope Argus sorry/

        The sun dial puts to shame any notion of a spinning water glob, (yep, glob) and it’s twin sister the compass work rather eloquently on a plane.

        What does horizontal, horizon, mean to you?


        1. But compass needles suffer from dip, a property more of the sphere explanation than disc?
          As for horizontal, that’s what the surface of water looks like in a stationary bucket, anywhere on Earth—which works better for a large sphere than a disk.
          Sun shadows indicate sphere better than disk too.


          1. CS: What does the word horizon, horizontal MEAN?

            Horizontal? It means orthogonal to the direction vectors in the gravitational field.

            (Well, you did ask).


          2. Whether a carpenter’s board is 2”x 10” x 30,’ or 10” x 30” x 300,’ it is HORIZONTAL if planed correctly, which it would be if the tradesman was worth its salt.

            Veritable means vertical, and horizontal means straight. Ever heard of Kansas or Florida?

            People who study such things have said Kansas is flatter than a pancake- a sheer impossibility on your ball theory.

            And btw, the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach SC, is 65 miles of continuous shoreline , which line is straight as a razor- much to the embarrassment of Bill Nye the science clown, who swears ships disappear at a 3 mile curve. Pitiful really, but we are actually discussing things germane to this post: how people assume things.


          3. And btw, the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach SC, is 65 miles of continuous shoreline , which line is straight as a razor

            You would not like to be shaved with a razor that full of notches.


    2. “Discal warming” (diskal, for Americans) doesn’t carry the same pizzazz as global. Globes rule~!


  3. I watched. And I did find it interesting. Whether this really works, I do not know.

    The answer to “Could it really be that simple?” is that what he describes is not simple at all. The difference between overgrazing and getting it just right, is likely to be quite small. To get this to work, you would need to be carefully tuned into the ecology so that you knew when to move the grazing herd to somewhere else. Doing it “by the rulebook” is probably a recipe for failure.

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  4. This is a real eye-opener. Once again the question arises as to who is selling the real deal. Once again, it is probably the lone voice in the wilderness (intentional wordplay). He make a lot of sense. Think Serengeti. The point is that one doesn’t need to manage the overgrazed situation if the overpopulation has free movement and can do it for you, impelled by the creation of the ‘mulch’. Is that proof manufactured? Unlikely. The story of his massive blunder rings true.
    Scientists, though, as well as those in fields of agriculture ( 🙂 again) are as capable of pig-headed adherence to previously held positions fought to the last ditch (having fun with this) as the Flat Earth lunatics (real fun) like CS.
    In a nutshell, if human beings can get something wrong, they will.

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  5. Simple? I don’t know. But one thing is for certain: supporters and detractors alike agree that his proposed solution to the problem is a load of manure.


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