8 thoughts on “Making the cake ….

  1. Hello Ark. Like the others I think the talent is outstanding. I was wondering, you told me all parts are edible, does that include the wheels? Either way the talent to do these cakes take a lot of talent. Of course we can not deny the assistance of the support staff. πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„ Hugs


    1. Yes, wheels and all, Scottie.
      Only the supports holding the stars are inedible as they are modeling wire.

      Agreed the ”support staff” are crucial.
      Emily’s design talents would mean nothing if the baking was not of the highest standard. And I say this not to boast but to highlight the amount of work and energy … and often tears of frustration …. it has taken to arrive at this point.

      The cakes we bake are nothing like what you would buy in the average shop. I know what goes into them and I can vouch for the quality of ingredients and the skill of the baker.

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      1. Hello Ark. I can understand. The reason I asked about the wheels is that often many places use plastic molded pieces and Emily doesn’t. A real feather in her cap! But dogs, I can not understand the patience and steady hands she must have for this stuff. Hugs

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