Atheism: Keep it to yourself

I believe one of the major problems with atheism and atheists is the seemingly constant ”In Your Face”  attitude which is becoming all too prevalent in this continuing secular society we find ourselves in.

In fact, as an atheist myself, it has got to the point where even I am embarrassed by the full on atheist onslaught that atheists are now putting the rest of society under.

Let’s be honest, shall we, if we want to practice atheism is there really any need to ”take it to the street” as it were?

I mean, you can hardly turn on the TV or the radio or the internet without some atheist espousing their worldview.

In fact it is becoming increasingly more difficult to even drive to the shops these days without encountering an atheist trying to hand me pamphlets at stop streets or traffic lights.

Only the other morning, just as I was about to take out the bin, an atheist walked up the driveway and asked if I had been indoctrinated?

I mean, really!

Do we have to continually draw attention to ourselves?

We’ve suffered the lies and abuse for centuries, so what’s a few more millennia?

I like Hitchens and Harris just like the next atheist but I’ve now got people I barely know sending me emails of their videos every day! I mentioned Dawkins the other week and now my Inbox is flooded with The Richard Dawkins Quote of the Day.

I was even invited to a Dan Dennett seminar with a 20% discount for the first 10 who signed up and a ”free Dan Dennett beard”.  Seriously? As if Dan Dennett would get even 5 people at one of his seminars!

I don’t know, I reckon it was better when the closet was your best friend and we made the secret sign and even the word atheist was mentioned in hushed tones.

Call me a sentimentalist, but I miss the good old days!



70 thoughts on “Atheism: Keep it to yourself

  1. Hello Ark. Grand satire. It clearly shows what is going on today with most religions. The ones in the US are getting militant in their tactics and what they want to accomplish. These are not the Quakers, these are religious terrorist demanding they get their own way. The ones being led by con men more interested in their personal profit and seeing how many mansions and private planes they can own than they are about the well being of anyone else. I am worried about this attempt by a very loud violent religious minority to take over the world to fight for their version of god. You can not reason with them, they will not compromise because they are emotionally convinced they are on a mission from their deity. Hugs

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    1. You are absolutely correct. I couldn’t have said it better. This is some kind of new militant violent political intrusive hateful Christianity and being mostly republican trump supporters, they have the weapons, the ear of all the Fox News watchers and I suspect much, but not all, of the military.

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    2. It’s not the con-men at the top that be the problem. But I do (really do~!) like the idea of atheism getting a place, recognised as an official religion. I like it very very much … but then again, years ago I was a bit ahead of my time in that I recognised women as human too.

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      1. Hello Argus. Dang dog, you be a radical. Slow the roll, at this pace you will want human rights for everyone and an end to slavery. 😀 I like that the Satanic Temple got recognized as a religion to better fight religious prejudice, but I do not see how it would help atheist if atheism was labeled a religion. Atheism doesn’t have the needed prerequisites to be a religion by definition. Hugs


          1. Bright and sunny , and a bit chilly.
            Busy finalizing a large order of cupcakes for a Delonghi convention -the last batch has just been sent out – then we’ll have a late
            breakfast, tidy up and sit down to watch the German Grand Prix.

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        1. Got your point, Scottie.

          My computer’s onboard dictionary says it has to be a belief in a god or gods etc. But hist, not all is lost … if I may quote … “A pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance: Consumerism is the new religion.”

          And if necessary we could create a new deity (who could possibly gainsay it?) and invoke the game of Monopoly for tokens/icons. Heck, we could have a lot of fun with this—and nobody could ever prove us wrong; no more than we can them.

          And now to Google ‘Satanic Temple’ … it sounds intriguing. Do not fear for my soul (Old Nick and I are old acquaintances).

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          1. Hello Argus. If you have not heard of the Satanic Temple you really should look them up. They are doing great work for the atheist community and for children in the USA. They have fought hard for freedom from religion. They have a code of ethics that is outstanding. They run after school clubs for kids that teach science and other things. Now they are classed a religion so they can go head to head with religious organizations demanding privilege. Hugs

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    3. Their mission is not from any deity, Scottie. The deity is simply the tool they use—and many of the ‘unique’ pathways to God use it very well indeed.
      (Memo to self: look up the definitions and meanings of that annoying word ‘unique’.)

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      1. Hello Argus. Very true their mission is human driven, just like all other religions. The difference is they admit it. They never really wanted to be a religion yet the push US by evangelicals to push their religion into every small town and school via state legislatures forced them to do so to be able to fight them on an even footing. It is grand that when places insist on putting up the 10 commandments that the Satanic Temple can then insist they get the right to also set up their Baphomet statue. Boy that gets those Christian symbolism taken down fast when they realize they have to also allow a “devil” statue. Hugs

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  2. Satire about the sacred cow of atheism? Without a trigger warning? My feelings! My feelings! I’m reporting you to the Central Clerisy Directorate of Atheism International for hate speech. You can expect an investigation by the Atheist Offence Archaeologists to scour your online history to find out where you went so wrong and I’m sure we can all expect blubbering apologies and Mea Culpas to follow shortly.

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      1. Too late, I’m afraid.You are deemed… unfit.

        There may even be an atheist stripping ceremony… I’m thinking insignia and epithets torn off your Official Atheist Gear and Swag but other on believers might presume some larger group removal of all clothing… you know how these immoral atheists can be… you say one thing, mean another, and they go right back and hold you to what you originally said… not that you would ever do any such thing, of course…

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  3. Love this! BTW, not to push my “atheism” on you, but, if you’re interested, I’ve several tanks, warheads, nukes, and automatic weapons for sale, they’re very cheap, too, for this year’s upcoming “War On Christmas”! We atheists must be ready to RAM our message down the throats and rumps of Christians everywhere this Christmas by blowing up churches, manger scenes, and crucifixes wherever we find them. It’s like my atheist daddy used to tell me, “Son, the only good atheist is one who’s constantly ramming his POV up the rumps of Christians by the most violent means available.” So, tell me how many army-type weapons you’ll need for the holidays this year, and I’ll ship ’em right out to ya! Make this Christmas an atheist Christmas by forcing the atheist message up the rump of Christians as powerfully as possible. $Amen$

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    1. Can’t give you a ‘Like’ … dammit, I love Christmas! Tinsel, gifts, coloured balls, trees, lights—the whole shebang as it should be.
      And then some blasted religioso inserts little mangers and wee infants and unlikely virgins …

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  4. Sarcasm aside, what do you go out of your comfort zone for? If someone has valuables, would you not at least respect their desire for sharing such goods, even if you do not like their methods? You could always say ‘not interested’ as an option.

    While I detest the doctrines of the Jehovah’s Witness, at least they are acting on a zeal, so do the Sam Harris types, Degrasse, Dillahunty, etc, its called free speech like it or not. But I agree, people have no right to intrude where they are not welcome.
    And neither would a Christian have the right or decency to intrude upon an atheist meeting, any more than an atheist at a believers meeting. That said, I personally would welcome an atheist in the group; he no doubt would be surprised at the level of interaction awarded him.

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      1. Respect kids? I treat all human beings with the same courtesies given to a college dean or a trash collector; in all this rest assured I tell the truth.

        Btw, it takes a bit of wisdom knowing just exactly how much a dean can comprehend- he may not actually have the smarts of a six year old due to his lifetime of unprincipled indoctrination.

        Does 66 thousand mph ring a bell? Point made.


        1. Well this post is about atheists. I think we are allowed to feel persecuted for a few minutes, don’t you? After all, you Christians have been whining about persecution for eons. Even when you are persecuting each other.
          Can we have our five minutes in peace, please?
          Why don’t you go and continue to lie to the kiddies – you lot are so good at that – and just leave us alone with our pointless, immoral lives?
          Sheesh! I’m surprised you haven’t got first degree burns the amount of time you demand the spotlight to be on you.

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    1. @CS: And neither would a Christian have the right or decency to intrude upon an atheist meeting, any more than an atheist at a believers meeting.

      do you ever look at what you write, CS? Or are you indulging in a bit of sarcasm (oh, sakes, no, I can’t believe it) at our atheistic efforts…?

      And having seen the interaction anytime most of us get when we ‘intrude”, all I can say is, you has a funny way of expressing welcome.

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  5. Atheists are bused into our area. They troll the streets, clapping outside houses, asking if anyone wants to talk about the latest discoveries in neurology, palaeontology, archaeology, astronomy, cosmology, and physics. The nerve! Why should I be concerned with the advancing human condition!?

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    1. Damned busybodies. I just want to be left alone with my comfy beliefs… and my prescription medication… and my technological toys… and my human built conditioned environment… and my…

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      1. All God-given, Tilde … and don’t forget that He knew all about those gifts (and you~!) before He created everything. Heck, being omniscient He knew all about Himself before He even created Himself … ya gotta give credit to someone like that. He knows how it will all end, too, but thankfully He don’t tell nobody ‘cept a few profits.

        (‘Profit’ = someone who makes a damn’ good buck from inventing the impossible, and then selling the concept.)


    2. The ones I encounter keep trying to ram climate change down my throat. The nerve! They just don’t seem to understand that the climate has been going back and forth for years! Just because it’s happening faster now and affecting a wider part of the planet makes NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER! Sheesh! Bullies.

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        1. Hello Nan. Scary what is going on behind the scenes most of us do not know. When the full understanding of the damage religious ideology has done to our country people will be horrified. Hugs

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    3. I hope you don’t ever invite them into your home!
      Can’t be having with an hour long lecture on why prayer is useless, and them insisting I read The God Delusion. The last copy they forced on me I simply threw it away. Well, not threw it away exactly – I gave it my Christian Fundamentalist neighbour. Told her it was a recipe book.
      She must have started reading it before dinner ‘cos I heard the scream from my place!
      Well, you got to have laugh now and then , right?

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        1. Hello John. Wow that old guy with the rake got physical with them about it. That stunned me. It comes across clearly how offended these people were to hear an an atheist point of view yet feel you should welcome their religious point of view. Eye opening. Thanks. Hugs

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          1. Scott said: ‘Hello Judy. Can you imagine the outrage by the bible trumpeters if the situation were reversed? They would be screaming for tolerance, talking about needing religious freedom laws, and demanding atheist control their violent members. Hugs’

            Outrage? Ha, not by me. I would not shun from any open forum, and I say good for you if you want to spend your time preaching as opposed to looting. See, there is value in everything.

            And demands? Nope. I demand nothing. But give me the same courtesy when I speak to college or university professors about their indoctrinated views of godlessness. I will rip them to shreds with common sense while they search for a left handed hammer and swearing that ten penny nails can be male and female…….


          1. A naked run through Jerusalem’s holy places? I’ll bet that what spared him was … and I’ll bet he was … not circumspect but circumsised. How’s it go? Snip snip and you’re now one of us (that’ll be fifty bucks, please).

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          1. Hello Judy. Can you imagine the outrage by the bible trumpeters if the situation were reversed? They would be screaming for tolerance, talking about needing religious freedom laws, and demanding atheist control their violent members. Hugs

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          2. There is only EVER religious freedom in a democracy.
            And this is why (most) Christians will balk at even a hint of establishing and living under a theocracy, as they know only too well that there is a very good chance that their particular brand of Christianity might just be the wrong one.

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          3. Hello Ark. Very true. Here in the US when Christians talk of “religious freedom” they really mean “special privilege for Christians only”. So it is not really freedom they want, but extra rights to oppress everyone else and force everyone to acknowledge and live by the rules of their god. Hugs

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          4. Agreed.
            This is why they find themselves treading on eggshells when criticizing other religions, even though they may be chomping at the bit to do so.
            Don’t like the proposal for a new Mosque just down the street? The irritating calls to prayer 5 times a day.Thinking about making a song and dance about it?
            Well … lets talk about your new Mega Church shall we?
            And I’m pretty confident we could find quite a number of examples that must have Christians gnashing their teeth from time to time.

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    4. shocking. just shocking. Something.Must. Be.Done. All that talk about planets and that solar system rubbish, all that nonsense about evolution and vaccinations, well, it’s got to stop. It’s harming the children. The cows no longer give milk, and the chickens–oh, I can’t even think about the chickens, it’s too horrible..

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  6. Do you mean that atheism has entered the stream as a per-actual full on religion? Cool~! Boom boom!

    Can I have the New Zealand franchise—I can whip up a few oodles of vacant crosses with (say) “To Let” on the little placard bit. Wear ’em on chains around the neck … 14 ct gold for the el cheapo ones …
    Why not we make a few bucks from our non-beliefs, just like all the many beliefs do from theirs?? About time, I say!

    (But burning believers at the stake is a step too far)(for now—let’s not forget: THEY started it!)

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  7. Ark … do I sense you are becoming a wee bit jaded?

    You should take a non-sabbatical, or go on a non-pilgrimage. Return refreshed, ready and wildly enthusiastic to return and fight the enemies of Dog*.

    * No, not moi, silly person … God backwards. (Sheesh!)

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    1. Windy:

      I pray for your relief …
      … there now—feeling better?

      Hah! It worked! God is good! God listens! God acts … boom boom! (Don’t forget the Collection Box on your way out)

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