9 thoughts on “Watch the Birdy.

  1. Dearth of birds here this last season. All I really get is the occasional blur (you just TRY shooting a fantail!) and all winter so far nary a single whiteye. Not a one!

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  2. Woodpeckers are often sharp-faced, like a fox, but this one has a sweet look about it..

    We’ve had the same problem all year with the regulars getting scarcer and scarcer. No crows at all, now, nighthawks, ravens, turkey vultures. Even the grosbeaks and wood thrushes, and most of the owls, have disappeared. One mourning dove, walking across the lawn. it’s a bit disturbing, I wonder what caused them to disappear…


    1. It is disconcerting. It seems to be a similar story with many of the insects as well that I have records for.I
      know they are definitely not around as my month by month photo records show,and all the absentees can’t be solely because I have missed them during my garden wanderings.
      For example: July this year I have no record of the Thick Billed Weaver, the Rock pigeon, the Rameron Pigeon or the Tawny Flanked Prinia, all regulars over the past three years.


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