Bird of the Day – African Hoopoe.

B.O.T.D – African Hoopoe. 20 July ’19

Sitting high up in the Black Wattle tree this afternoon, and bathed in late afternoon sunshine, I managed one shot of this gorgeous but infrequent visitor.

Visit Granny shot it for more birds


Thanks to Becky  Incorporating July Blues



9 thoughts on “Bird of the Day – African Hoopoe.

  1. That creature is simply SHEER BEAUTY!!! 😲 Is it not magnificent how the avian world has evolved into countless sub-species relative to location and habitat? I’m in awe.

    Is this a type of woodpecker Ark? I’m guessing here based on that bill. 🤔

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      1. Hello Ark. You’re grand. I was going to throw in a reference to a crowing cock but realized my fowl knowledge is so scanty there is no way to do it without sounding rather crass. So I shoot you the bird sir, and wish you best nesting for the night. Hugs

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