11 thoughts on “Definitely worth a watch. Interesting take.

    1. He has a very interesting take, that’s no maybe.
      We have become so inured over being lambasted for not being PC that almost any criticism is simply out of the question. And of course the fear factor words wonder in keeping people silent.
      The threat of violent retaliation is ever present.
      Another reason I loath religion.
      But he is correct about teaching Islam in schools.
      Nice to see you out and about , Ken.
      Hope everything is hunky dory with you and yours, over there in the US of Eh?


      1. I have made over 30 trips to London over the past 30 years. I have seen a definite change in the “Ethnic Mixture” of the City. I have always made it a point to visit “Speaker’s Corner” in Hyde Park each visit. This is where I witnessed the most change. 30 years ago the “Speakers” were mostly Fire & Brimstone Preachers of Christianity telling you to repent of your sins. Today many are Muslims who draw large crowds and sometimes it gets a little tense , especially if a Christian decides to weigh in on the talk. Ark, the video you referenced is spot on. Nice to see you’re doing well Ark ! And nice to see John Zande ! I look forward to a new Post from John. Hint Hint. ๐Ÿ™‚

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        1. A new post form JZ? Hah!
          Don’t count your chickens Ken, he’s a real slacker in that department and now the Aussies were thrashed by England in the Cricket World Cup he is probably going to sulk for days!

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    1. I try to be circumspect as there is a danger of all the conspiracy theory crap, but he definitely makes some valid points.
      There is a 5 minute video about how the Jihads. Also worth a squizz.

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  1. Islam is a totalitarian ideology.

    Islam and its five pillars is incompatible with western liberal secular values. Your values. Your freedoms. Your rights. It is personal because you are Kafir. That is the unspoken fact to which most Westerners – especially amongst the Left – refuse to even consider, little more than appreciate. Yet it’s undeniable. You and your values are the problem in the eyes of ‘good’ Muslims. You must submit.

    Conflict with Islam – meaning each of us has a personal conflict if we are not Muslim – is inevitable in every aspect of Muslims trying to implement Sharia, which in Part 2 of the interview, is explained to underscore every aspect – political, economic, and legal – of what being a ‘good’ Muslim is in action.

    This is not some wild-eyed conspiracy. This is what is all around us when our civilization absorbs Muslims without any checks or balances as a condition for citizenship in a western liberal secular democracy. And we see its slow-motion insidious effects in every aspect of our societies – Sharia creep, stealth Islam in action, one small accommodation at a time… in the name of everything Islam isn’t: tolerance, respect, diversity, equality, legal rights and freedoms for the individual protected by the state.

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    1. But no more so than today’s antifa-supporting ‘woke’ supporters who grant Islam ‘victimized’ status… and just as totalitarian in ideology that demands either submission or censuring/violence in ‘defense’ of the ‘victims’.

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