Cats n’ Dogs & Bits n’ bobs

Grey Lourie in the palm tree.

Ice ejected from the garden hose. Yes, it gets this cold here in Jo’burg.

Half-Baked Benji

Full-Baked Loaves. Straight from the oven. I am no cake baker but I can manage bread.

”Where’re you going?”  Fetching a wandering Chicken.

Virgil catching a few zzzzzs

Chicken feather

Bobbi and Dora


”I’m with my mate … don’t disturb.”

Millie and Bobbi

Give us a kiss … or a lick.


24 thoughts on “Cats n’ Dogs & Bits n’ bobs

      1. Capable dogs often are. As with many people, in fact … I don’t remember seeing a Millie before? Is your tribe increasing?

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  1. And oh,the Cat-In-the-Pan. Damn I love your menagerie.

    As a long time bread maker, I can appreciate your talent. I try to put enough by in the freezer during the winter to last all summer. This last year I didn’t make it, but next year…

    Do you ever wonder if Bobbi really knows she’s a dog?

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    1. I occasionally freeze bread but have never considered freezing such a large quantity.
      My usual quota is around a kilo at a time.

      Oh, I’m sure Bobbi knows she is a dog, and a rather special one at that!


      1. I only have an oven in the winter, since we burn wood, so I only get to bake until maybe April at the latest. And yes, it keeps a very long time, and it’s my go to breakfast toast for as long as it lasts. And doesn’t the house smell wonderful on bread day…

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    1. BTW Ark, I love the pics of your Zoo animals! On the cats, have you heard the rumor that if you draw or put down masking-tape on the floor, anywhere, like in the very center of an empty room, cats will go and sit in it… thinking they are ‘safe’ or comfortable like Benji feels in that baking pan? Have you heard that before?

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          1. Agree. I just hope the Netherlands can keep it a close, competitive match. If they are able to send it into extra time, then (unfortunately for the US) it really just means the USA is not playing well. That would be a shock because they are not only well rested, but also have excellent depth on the bench.

            What I hope DOESN’T happen is that it becomes a blowout after 3 U.S. goals. I just really want an exciting game. 🙂


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