22 thoughts on “It’s Freezing in Jo’burg.

  1. One of your most EXCELLENT selections Ark. I tell ya, wherever that man, that incredibly talented musician, artist, songwriter, singer, and talented guitarist was born, grew up, and learned his famous style blues — sort of Billy-rockish mixed with jazz and blues — must have been a phenomenally awesome neighborhood to grow up in and go to high school before jetting off to Austin, TX. 😁 😛


    1. Sheesh ….. I get it, all right? You’re awesome too. Just don’t go gallivanting in a helicopter in bad weather.
      Happy now?
      Bloody Yanks!
      And talking of such ….. Semi-final tonight. Have you got your box of tissues ready?

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      1. Haha… I couldn’t resist the opportunity Ark. I mean Stevie is almost family — not only did we attend the same high school together in the same music scene of old South Dallas, but he is also buried in the same cemetery as my Dad’s.


        So you see, I very much enjoy chit-chat with someone/fans who REALLY appreciate Stevie’s music and his familial, cultural, and artistic influences, especially from halfway around the world!!! 😉 ❤

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      2. Sorry, got all sentimental and nostalgic and forgot to answer the rest of your comment. LOL

        Do ya think we can still be friends after the match? 😉 I think if the Lionesses are just playing out of their skin and jump on us quick and early and stay tight, organized in back Jill Ellis will get Carli Lloyd in and make it an even MORE exciting Semi-final! Whatcha think?

        And are you following Wimbledon any? My all-time idol is Roger Federer. He’s playing a South African lad here in about 2-hours.


        1. Do ya think we can still be friends after the match?

          Not likely, so it’s best you make the most of it in the time that remains.

          If Rapinoe can be contained …. then it will be very interesting.

          Haven’t really followed tennis since Fred Perry.

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          1. HAH! Just like a bloody Redcoat from Anfield… or misguided ones at Fort Ticonderoga as good ole Abe talks about… the kind of Redcoats in water-closets that… well, President Lincoln tells it better: 😉

            Rapinoe AND Lloyd when she enters the fray! GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL USA!!! 🇺🇸 Netherlands, here we come!

            Fred who? 🤭

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          2. Well good. That’s encouraging as far as lasting friendships, right? Better than the silent treatment. LOL

            Besides, I damn sure can’t boast about our Men’s National Football Team. Geezz, they barely beat Curaçao the other night in our CONCACAF Gold Cup Quarter-final… 1 – 0.

            Hey, since our MLB Boston Red Soxs and New York Yankees just finished their London Series this past weekend, how much do you want to wager Ark that in return the U.S. will want, host, and attend in droves a British Cricket series here? 🤣

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          3. It has been a point of discussion among those in the know and one such said it was to England’s peril that they ignored the USA when it came to cricket.´
            I would tend to agree.
            But it’ll take a few more generations yet.

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          4. Hmm, I’m not so optimistic about Cricket’s sustainability in the States competing against our 3-5 major sports leagues — and I assure you that the MLS here is not one of those 5 leagues. Pro world-class soccer on the lines of UEFA’s or CONMEBOL’s draw/profits will never surpass American football, basketball, or baseball. Hell, even when much of our national team soccer boys were playing (starting?) for good/great clubs in Europe between 1988 and 2004-ish and we peaked with our all-time BEST World Cup performance in Japan/Korea into the Quarter-finals, the USSF and NCAA Div 1 leaders, coaches, and powers-that-be didn’t get it!!! They were too self-consumed in an American product/league (to start/play American boys) and pay INSANE salaries and transfer fees for retiring European or S. American world-class foreign sub-prime name brand has beens! What a MAJOR F*CK UP!!!

            It was obvious the ONLY efficient path to a world juggernaut soccer status was if the majority (or more) of our American boys were playing 3-5+ seasons in Europe’s top leagues with and against the world’s elite. Bear with me Ark while I go on a quick rant here please! Case and points…

            • Thomas Dooley (Kaiserslautern, Bayer Leverkusen, Schalke 04, Bundesliga) 1988 – 1997

            • John Harkes (Sheff Weds, Derby Co, West Ham Utd, UK leagues) 1990 – 1996

            • Kasey Keller (Millwall, Leicester City, Tottenham, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Fulham) 1992 – 2008

            And now I’ll just list the several other U.S. all-time best players who developed and perfected their games/art in the soccer Mecca, Europe…

            • Eric Wynalda
            • Claudio Reyna
            • Brian McBride
            • Brad Friedel
            • Tim Howard
            • Michael Bradley
            • Clint Dempsey

            And then finally, perhaps our soon-to-be most stellar American soccer boy, heads & tails beyond any before him at only 19-yrs old…

            • Christian Pulisic — Borussia Dortmond and Chelsea!

            Those 11 past and present soccer greats made-up or make-up our ONLY two best World Cup teams/performances to-date: 2002 and maybe/barely 2010(?). Since at least 2006 – ’08 we soccer Yanks have gone backwards! Why? Because nowhere near enough of our boys are going to Europe’s elite clubs/leagues for 3+ seasons to develop, play, and start! Instead they are getting conned into staying here and playing in the mediocre MLS. This is why we now struggle with nations like Trinidad-Tobago, Jamaica, and Curaçao.

            Sad, very very sad that today American sports fans think that Tony Meola, Alexi Lalas, Cobi Jones, and our worst, overrated American prima donna ever… Landon Donovan are part of our national soccer Hall of Fame. Ridiculous, and goes to show the rest of the footballing juggernauts of the world that it will be perhaps another 3-6 generations before the USA Men’s National soccer team every goes beyond the Quarter-finals in World Cup as long as our boys avoid the Premier or Champions Leagues in England, La Liga in Spain, Bundesliga in Germany, Ligue 1 in France, Serie A in Italy, Eredivisie in Holland, etc, etc, etc. 😦 😥

            Ugh, we Americans have so much trouble (and inflated arrogance) learning advances, fine arts, sophisticated superiority from OTHER nations/cultures. Soccer/Football is no different.

            Alright, the end. Thank you Ark for indulging me. 😉 ❤

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          5. Rant away. I usually hand over very long comments for Bobbi to read. If she growls or woofs I might read, if she whimpers I move on.
            Okay, Bobbi, you can stop crying now. Go ask mum for a biscuit.

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          6. Meh, hold your head up. The Lionesses had a great tournament, they just couldn’t execute/score enough precision penalty kicks. What was their ratio? Something like 1 out of 4 or 5 for the tourney? Yikes. 😬

            One of the talking points the American footballing experts were noticing THIS women’s World Cup was that the Knockout Rounds were dominated by European nations, then all European nations in the Quarters with the exception of the USA. Why? Because European clubs, leagues, owners/sponsors are investing wholeheartedly in the women’s game! They will surpass the U.S. women’s support/investments in this regard by the 2027 World Cup, maybe even by the next one in 2023.

            That means your Lionesses Ark are only going to get better and better, then GONE are the days of U.S. women’s domination. This WILL HAPPEN as long as the majority of American sports fans & families support our own domestic leagues/sports more than the world’s most popular passionate sport: The Most Beautiful Game on Earth. I am quite certain of this American self-importance on the global stage. :/


          7. You’ll have to ask Phil Neville. I have no clue. By the 3rd penalty miss in the tournament I would’ve taken a HARD, CRUEL look at how to change those percentages! Besides, PK’s are something teams practice every single day on the training grounds. It should’ve been an easy fix.

            However, I was/am thinking that the PK never should’ve happened in the first place, if I understand the rules of the (current) FIFA game correctly. If Ellen White was in an offside position at the time of the centering cross and BEFORE the foul by Dahlkemper or Sonnett (whomever it was) was committed, then doesn’t the offsides stop play immediately and the USA awarded that freekick? IOW, the foul/PK doesn’t matter after the offside infraction by Ellen White, correct?


          8. I think the field referee (who didn’t have a stellar game anyway) and the VAR staff missed the offsides PRIOR TO the foul on White. From the 3-4 replays that I watched, that was what I thought they were looking at first. And from what I saw Ellen White was clearly in an offsides position — behind every single U.S. defender — WHEN the centering pass/cross was made.

            But apparently no one was looking at that.

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          9. LOL… one of my faults is that I’m an annoying stickler-asshole for chronological facts. Several of my closest friends have told me I missed my calling as a Forensic Investigator, or detective, or defense lawyer. 😛

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