Good for you, Megan!

I must be honest, I am not a fan of national anthems.  But that’s another story.

It seems the captain of the women’s US  football team, Megan Rapinoe, has found herself at the centre of  some petty mindedness regarding her not singing the national anthem.

There are several issues why she refuses to sing and she has not been shy stating what these are, and by and large they all stem from discrimination – she is gay.

What makes me laugh is when people like Colorstorm run a post slating her behaviour, and naturally all his fundamentalist  visitors pile on.

This particular comment rather says it all I think.

you know that I don’t support her lifestyle choice Ark but yet I do not allow that to interfere with my support of her as an athlete…and it is the athlete I support…not the woman who chooses to live a lifestyle that is contrary to a heterosexual relationship.
If she wants to be gay, fine…but don’t use the soccer game to make a political statement.

If she wants to be gay ….

This level of ignorance and prejudice simply does my head in.

Until the World Cup I’ll bet almost anything the vast majority of yanks had no clue who Rapinoe was and even now, if it were not for this utter bullshit most would not care about their national soccer team one iota.

If you want to see how Colorstorm’s  hypocritical, ignorant groupies behave. Here’s the link.



29 thoughts on “Good for you, Megan!

  1. Nationalism and fundamentalist Christianity are so unhealthily linked now. It’s extremely worrying.

    Between the wars they wage, the amount of people they incarcerate, and the poor and destitute they ignore…every Christian should be refusing to sing the national anthem as well.

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    1. There are many sports where participants never sing the national anthem – Formula 1 for starters. I’ve never seen any podium finisher sing their anthem.
      Rapinoe is on record stating she is proud to pull on the jersey and represent the US.
      But the likes of CS and Wally are as ignorant as the day is long.

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      1. Their god forbid if any of their “Christian” friends or leaders ever admitted they were “closet gays.” And to think/believe these people are not among their midst is ignorance to the nth degree.

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        1. And Nan, most “True Christians™ ” (whatever that means) shouldn’t be obeying and living by a few U.S. federal and state laws too and hence, serving time in jails/prisons for their disobedience. Prime example?… Colossians 3:5, Galatians 5:20, and of course the demarcation verse of Mark 12:17 which infers to them that the United States of America IS NOT your spouse, king, queen, flag, or God! In fact, as far as Scriptural priorities go a nation/faction should not even be in their top 3 or 4. 😖 Tisk tisk.

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      2. There is of course that too. There is this ridiculousness creeping into sports here in the U.S. during the Olympics it was an Olympic gymnast who they complained didn’t have her hand over her heart while the anthem was playing. Meanwhile all the fans in the stand are forgiven for not doing these things. Not surprising the rules seem largely to apply to people who are part of minority groups. It’s just assumed that white people love America regardless of what they do during the national anthem.

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      1. Ark. Listen. The post was NOT about soccer per se, but about my own willingness to make a prediction- and how opinions are irrelevant when gauged against scripture.

        Any honest reader will see this.


        1. The very first comment on your post slated her.
          That set the tone of the entire post.
          And now your best bud Wally has just made an appearance and demonstrated why ignorant people like him are reason enough for someone like Rapinoe to protest.

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  2. National anthems are all local part of the local indoctrination systems. (God gets invoked a lot too …)

    Wot? No challenges, again? So I’m right by default?

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  3. Followed that link Ark. I don’t know why you waste your time trying to debate things with cs and his buddies. Singing national anthems must be a big thing in the States, how many times have you watched internationals and half the teams are so wound up in concentration that singing is the last thing on their minds.

    Yes we know the underlying reason for that post. Not the fact she did not sing but her life style is not in accordance with their ‘good’ book. And as for the pussycats rant about his god being a he and a man and his word, is he actually saying this god is human?

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  4. The funniest thing is this comes from the “free speech” brigade. The ones who want public prayer and 10 commandments monuments in public buildings. They want their expression to be not just protected but enforced while limiting the rights of everyone else in society.

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    1. I know she was also protesting against some of the policies of the Trump administration, though I had not read about the specifics you mention, JZ:


  5. Our national anthem I think is among the best on the planet. You can come fight me 🙂

    How can one say they support the athlete and not the woman as if they exist separately. Some level of stupidity is beyond education

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  6. As sexual orientations AND more importantly genetics and embryonic development become more clearly understood, factual, and the general public (mainly the naive/ignorant heterosexuals of the world) are correctly educated and learn and hence embrace the immeasurably DIVERSE facts of genetic embryology-endocrinology forming a person’s sexual orientation, the hundreds of thousands to millions of people — like Megan Rapinoe — can be more respected and valued as equal human beings. Those days are coming for sure! That’s the great news! 🙂

    Technically speaking Megan Rapinoe is not “gay,” but Lesbian, especially if she prefers that definition. Fyi. 😉 My uneducated guess about her and her personality is that she’s not a stickler about labels or proper descriptions as others are sensitive to precision/facts.

    Nevertheless, Tildeb and I have been essentially discussing, elaborating a very related topic to sexual orientation and how it relates to TRUE American Constitutional liberty, basic human rights within our “Constitutional democracy,” [sic] and its applied/allowed freedom of expression [sic] here. Megan also — and very VERY RIGHTLY — refuses to visit the White House. Her reasons for that individual choice/right is also solidly Constitutional, DUH!!! And she doesn’t force or expect her teammates to do or stand for the same Constitutional democratic ideals as she does… by not singing our anthem or visiting this Administration’s White House or its unConstitutional political postures.

    I TOTALLY STAND WITH MEGAN!!! And I also stand with all other pro athletes like her, Colin Kaepernick (formally of the NFL), Larry Bird and Steph Curry (both of the NBA), and many others. Americans too quickly and ignorantly forget that — unless you’ve legally obligated yourself to our military services; which gets more complicated — it isn’t a symbol, item, building, or even a person like the President that must be bowed down to and worshiped 24/7. It is, however, our federal Constitution and its laws that we all must be held accountable to and under. Period.

    Peaceful protests like Rapinoe’s are perfectly legal and valid. We just seem to have way too many Americans who are very poorly educated of our own governing rights and laws. HAH!!! Imagine that. 🙄😖

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    1. Sometimes you don’t have to be educated Prof. When I was a teenager I was as homophobic as the next good, honest, straight working class English man. In those days it was still a crime and if you showed any sympathies you were castigated as a ‘queer lover’. However as I grew up and got to meet and work with people who were not hetro I realised just how stupid the prejudices were. Such a shame others cannot ‘grow up’ and see their bigoted views have no place in modern society, and they call themselves christians.

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      1. Sometimes you don’t have to be educated Prof.

        Yes blhphoto, this is true in certain cases, primarily correlating to one’s age and/or geopolitical birthplace. For a period of time (1-3 generations?) a formal broad-based higher education isn’t always necessary inside an incredibly isolated, self-sustaining(?), socially/globally impervious community (e.g. Amish, Mennonite) or modern police state like North Korea or Syria in order for one to survive and live out their entire life… or rather never learn/experience that “life” could be much better or worse. These lessons/enlightenments can only be fully learned by exploration, trial and error, examination, asking non-stop questions, all of which enable a human being’s and society’s or civilization’s ability to adapt and evolve ALONG WITH the ever changing Earth, life on it, and the Cosmos. Otherwise, stagnation or never learning to refine or progress WITH reality’s unending transformations only leads to extinction. 😉

        To your valid point about youthful ignorance, from my teens until my late 30’s I did not know anything about inter-sexed births, 5-Alpha Reductase Deficiency, and how endlessly diverse the human hypothalamus can be at different stages of growth/development relative to genetics, embryology, and environment/consumption… making human sexuality and orientation so incredibly unique it blows the mind! And if you noticed or realized TWO of those factors I mentioned — genetics & embryology — all human beings have literally no or very little control of those prenatal stages! HAH!!! 😉 😛

        Point being… a person isn’t going to learn a damn thing about genetics, embryology, endocrinology, hypothalamus development, etc, etc, in church or in the Holy Bible, much less from the megalomaniac in the White House. 🤣

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