Women’s World Cup ’19 – Quarter Final.

France  v USA


It’s on right now and it is a blistering game. The States are currently 1 – 0 after a superb free kick from  Megan Rapinoe at a packed Parce de Princes in Paris

The atmosphere is fantastic, the noise deafening.

If you have access to satellite and enjoy soccer this is a brilliant game.




8 thoughts on “Women’s World Cup ’19 – Quarter Final.

  1. Just noticed this post Ark. Thought you were “footied out” so I wasn’t paying any attention to Sporting blog-posts by Arkenaten. LOL

    It was indeed an electrifying game! Watched every second of it. I believe France played better than the USA offensively, but the Yanks played superbly defensively and so well organized! I think the result was fair. Now… the bigger question…

    How many goals will the Yankee Ladies defeat the Lionesses by!? My wager is by 2 goals at least, maybe even by 3 GOALS and the Stars & Stripes are into the Final!!! 🇺🇸

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