8 thoughts on “Incy Wincy

  1. Hello Ark. I wonder why they went from plentiful to scarce? Do the chickens eat them? Has another species moved in to drive them out? Hugs


      1. Hello Ark. Maybe one of the new birds you have at the Ark’s Spot Wildlife Refuge is eating them? You did get a bunch of new ones this last year. I just got wondering, they are so tiny maybe frogs or other insects eat them? I know you like them so I hope they come back. Hugs

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  2. Been a while for our arachnid friends to make a reappearance. Beautiful. Makes me miss my old Rosie. But she is in a much better place. She wouldn’t have liked the boat life and now she helps educate people on the importance of our eight legged friends. Still, I do miss her.

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  3. She’s lovely.
    News flash, I posted tonight about the Himalayan Jumping Spider. Ponder this – the highest elevation life form on earth is a spider! It thrives at 22,000 feet and waits for lunch to blow in on the wind. Wowza! Go spider, go!


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