8 thoughts on “Incy Wincy

      1. Hello Ark. Maybe one of the new birds you have at the Ark’s Spot Wildlife Refuge is eating them? You did get a bunch of new ones this last year. I just got wondering, they are so tiny maybe frogs or other insects eat them? I know you like them so I hope they come back. Hugs

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  1. Been a while for our arachnid friends to make a reappearance. Beautiful. Makes me miss my old Rosie. But she is in a much better place. She wouldnā€™t have liked the boat life and now she helps educate people on the importance of our eight legged friends. Still, I do miss her.

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  2. She’s lovely.
    News flash, I posted tonight about the Himalayan Jumping Spider. Ponder this – the highest elevation life form on earth is a spider! It thrives at 22,000 feet and waits for lunch to blow in on the wind. Wowza! Go spider, go!


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